Andy Andrews BRL Sports Nutrition



Andy Andrews 

Cross Country Skier and Mountain Biking

Competitive Highlights

1st Place – 2012 USA Cycling Mountain Bike Marathon Nationals Cross Country, Champion 70+
Sun Summit Cycling Club

5th Place – 2012 Soldier Mountain 50+ 5th Place

1st Place – 2012 18th Annual Barking Spider Bash,| Cross Country, Cat 2  Master

2011 USA Cycling Mountain Bike Cross-County Champion 70+

2008 U.S. Masters XC Ski Team

2007 U.S. Masters XC Ski Team

How EPO-Boost works for me (User since April, 2011)

“I have been a champion cross country skier for many years. I bought my first bottle of EPO-BOOST from BRL Sports Nutrition about a month before I won USA Cycling’s 2011 Mountain Bike Cross-Country National Championships in my age group. After starting EPO-Boost, I noticed that at the end of shorter training rides, I still felt super strong. At the end of long training rides (40-50 miles), I would be suffering a lot less than in the past. I am looking forward to using it this winter in cross country skiing.” Andy Andrews, ID.

Note: In 2012 Andy added BRL Sports Nutriton “TriFuel™” to his regimen