blake haugland

Blake Haugland

USAT/USAC Certified Coach
Michael Waltrip Racing Strength and Condition Coach
IRONMAN Triathlete

How EPO-Boost works for me

“It is unheard of to come across a product that delivers endurance performance you can 100% feel and see in race results. EPO BOOST IS THAT PRODUCT! I’ve used everything under the sun and nothing compares to the performance gains I’ve made with EPO BOOST! The amazing thing is that month after month and year after year EPO BOOST keeps building up your red blood cell production making “PR’s” a typical race result! If you want to blast through the dreaded training plateau and push limits your never though were possible then EPO BOOST is for you!” Blake Haugland- December, 2014.

How the combination of EPO-Boost & TriFuel™ works for me

“As a customer and now a brand ambassador I want to let you know that both EPO-Boost and TriFuel™ have contributed to all my racing successes. I have won 7 races this season using them. At the Huntersville Sprit Triathlon I finished 6 min ahead with a PR time of 1:07:41 at this distance. Thank you for your support” Blake Haugland- 2013.

Competitive Highlights

1st place USAT Long Course (Half Ironman) National Championship/Rev3.
1st Place Tri Latta June 15th
1st Place Hickory Y Sprint
1st Place White Lake International
1st Place Huntersville Sprint triathlon! Finished 6 min ahead of second with a PR time of 1:07:41 at this distance.
1st Place Whitelake Triathlon
1st Place Bone Island Tri.