EPO Boost™ and TriFuel™™, the Cutting-Edge All-Natural Sport Supplements that aid in the success of Morgan Chaffin

Wilmington, Delaware, USA ( July 30, 2013 — BRL Sports Nutrition congratulates Morgan Chaffin for her 1st place win Omaha Triathlon

Chaffin Morgan photo1 102951-050-017fWe are excited to welcome Morgan Chaffin as one of our BRL Sports Brand Ambassadors.

Morgan turned pro in 2011 after placing first overall amateur at Ironman Racine 70.3. In 2012 she had solid performances at Branson 70.3, Kansas 70.3, and Cozumel 70.3, finishing in the top 10 overall. Prior to her triathlete career she was a competitive cyclist and earned the following titles: 2005 and 2006 Nebraska State Criterium, Time Trial, Road Race Champion ; 2005, 2006, 2007 Nebraska Rider of the Year; 2006 Midwest Maxxis Cup Rider of the Year; 2008 Nebraska State Time Trial Champion, and was the 2009 Nebraska State Time Trial Champion.

In 2013 she plans on competing in several Ironman events and two Leadman events.

Morgan stated, “I started using EPO-Boost in the midst of my 2012 season as a professional triathlete. I have noticed significant gains in my athletic performance. In particular, I have been able to recover quicker from hard training session and racing, which has allowed me to return to hard, structured training quicker. My functional threshold on the bike has proved dramatically this season and my swimming intervals in training have steadily decreased since I began using EPO-Boost. It along with proper diet, sleep, and structured training has allowed me to have a great 2012! I look forward to continuing to use the product throughout my triathlon career!

BRL Sports looks forward to supporting Morgan Chaffin in her many athletic endeavors. To find out more about Morgan Chaffin, please visit more information about TriFuel™ and EPO- Boost visit

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