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Caroline Colonna

XTERRA PRO Triathlete

Competitive Highlights

2015 XTERRA USA Championship 9th place Pro Female
2015 XTERRA East Championship as an amateur 2nd place overall amateur female
2012, 2013, 2014 First Place Overall Female Mount Taylor Winter Quadrathlon
2013 XTERRA World Championship PRO 18th Place
2013 XTERRA EAST Championship PRO 9th Place
2012 Xterra World Championships 16th Pro 3rd American
2012 Shelby County ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships and XTERRA Southeast Championship 2:46:41
2010 1st in Age Group, 6th Overall XTERRA World Championship November
2009 1st Place overall amateur women’s division XTERRA Winter World Championship at Snowbasin
2008 1st Place overall amateur women’s division XTERRA Winter World Championship at Snowbasin
1st Place Dirty Triathlon in Canyon Lake TX 2007

How EPO-Boost, TriFuel and Invigor8 work for me (User since Sept, 2010)

UPDATE 2015– I am 51 years old and still getting faster, I attribute a significant part of my continued success to my strategic use of: TRIFUEL, EPO Boost and INVIGOR8.
I train everyday with TRIFUEL and recover with INVIGOR8. Post training recovery is just as significant as the training itself in reaching my racing goals.

UPDATE 2014– I am an XTERRA PRO triathlete and use TRIFUEL for training and racing. On occasion I have run out of TRIFUEL during the run and experienced a dramatic loss of energy and even “bonked.” It is important to establish one’s own needs for the product to achieve the desired effects of increased (at least 10%) performance and endurance. This is why I use the products in all of my key training sessions to simulate race day situation. I am convinced that TRIFUEL has helped me consistently achieve PR times that were beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this well designed product for competitive athletes.

UPDATE 2012 This time I used EPO-Boost and TriFuel™ during the entire race and in made a huge difference in my run. I took several minutes off my time. Great product! I have been having excellent results. Will recommend to others.

Note: Carolina won her first Xterra National Championship after using EPO-Boost for only 1 month in her age division, 6th overall. Congrats! See article


 Caroline Colonna

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