Carrie McCoy 250 Carrie McCoy

Carrie McCoy


Triathlete, Coach

Competitive Highlights

All-American ranking for 2011
14th place finish in age, 2011 Long Course World Championships
6th place finish in age, 2010 Duathlon World Championships
4th place finish in age, 2010 Duathlon National ChampionshiP
Competed for Team USA in the 09 World Long Course Championships in Australia. Competed for Team USA in the World Long Course Championships in France.

How EPO-Boost works for me (User since September, 2011)

As an elite athlete, my focus is always on training; when the next workout is and how hard it”s suppose to be. Every time I toe the line to start I expect my body to be just as fresh as my mind.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case but, thanks to EPO-BOOST it’s given that chance. Within the first month I noticed a big difference in my recovery which has led to faster times in practice and on race day. Now I have the confidence knowing that my body is getting the most out of each workout.”

“I also use TriFuel™ for every swim workout whether its 30 min or 2.5hrs long. It is the only product I have found that gives me the energy I need during the entire workout and the recover fuel for after. I find that I am able to hit my swimming goals with in practice no matter the length. Now, I am able to make the most of each workout”.