Cassandra profile 2Cassandra Chupa MMA fighter– Soccer Player

My name is Cassandra is a young mother of 3 small children ages 9,6 and 3, and owner of Peak MMA & Fitness, fitness and MMA gym,  in Auburn WA.

Cassandra alternates among playing soccer, competing and training in mixed martial arts and participating in circuit style strength, plus conditioning classes every single day.


Who Trifuel and Altitude Boost work for her:

With a busy schedule she sets an example of “It can be done”. That is where Trifuel and Altitude Boost comes into the picture. I cannot successfully compete and recover without the help of these amazing products. I have so much faith in this product that I encourage its use in my gym. Both my husband and I are long life customers. Trifuel gives me an edge when I am competing against younger faster opponents and Altitude boost (which I just recently started using) gives me the endurance I need in my grappling (MMA) training and competitions. I honestly cannot imagine my training and life without either products.

I invite you to try it. The product sells itself. The best part for me is that it is not synthetic. I have too much to lose to use a product that can affect my health. This company has figured out what athletes need and their slogan is so true “making all athletes better”.


1st Place at NAGA Tournament- “North America Grappling Association” March 12, 2016

Coming up Event: Semi-Pro Soccer Trails, July 2016


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