Craig Howie

 Craig Howie
Ultra Marathoner
1st Overall Leadville 50


Ultra Marathoner and Endurance Coach

Competitive Highlights

2012 Race Season Highlights
9th Overall Leadville 100
1st Overall Leadville Silver Rush 50 Miler 7:05:08
19th Overall, 6th in Age Group Pike Peak Ascent 2:42:33

2010 Race Season Highlights
Ironman St. George – 9:48:38 15th in Pro Category
Ironman Lake Placid – 9:50:22 17th in Pro Category
Ironaman Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 – 4:23:29 15th in Pro Category

Professional Certifications:

USA Triathlon (USAT) Certified Level 1 coach
USA Cycling (USAC) Certified Level 3 coach
US Track and Field (USATF) Certified Level 1 coach

How EPO-Boost works for me (User since October, 2010)

In my 15 years of coaching and racing in triathlon I have tried countless products
to improve performance, but EPO boost is by far the best. After only a month of
using EPO boost, I began seeing significant improvements in all 3 sports.
Specifically, in my test sets I am seeing much faster times for the same
perceived effort and heart rate. I am also finding that I can hold my high end
race speeds for longer periods of time.

Craig Howie