Derek “Pooh” Ennis

Boxing USBA CHAMPION (Jr Middleweight)

Competitive Highlights

23 Wins/ 3 Losses

USBA Titles, PA State Title, Defended titles 3 times

How EPO-Boost works for me

“In boxing, it’s essential to have stamina and mental clarity. Just as important is getting the most out of my training up to a fight.

Since using Epo Boost and TriFuel™, I have noticed greater stamina during training sessions, faster recovery periods, and increased energy for my workouts. I noticed the difference in my performance, during my runs, strength and conditioning sessions, and boxing in the ring. Epo Boost and TriFuel™ are making a real difference and giving me the added confidence leading to my fight on ESPN January 4, 2013. Epo Boost and TriFuel™ are great products for athletes who want to take their performance to the next level. ” Derek “Pooh” Ennis