EPO-Boost Solution for Leg Burn and Achey Lungs

bigstock-Aero-Bar-Closeup-3623428 smProblem: “Even though I feel great when I train, during an event my legs burn, and my lungs ache. I just can’t seem to take it up the notch I need to compete at a higher level.”

Solution: EPO-BOOST™ Increases VO2max We’ve all been there: it’s halfway through your event and you’re sucking wind. Your legs are shaking, your head is pounding, and every second seems to drag on for eons. As you see your competitors fly by you, you wonder why you can’t seem to keep up the pace. What separates amateur and elite endurance athletes is VO2max – the capacity for taking in and processing oxygen.

Remember: the amount of oxygen your body can utilize is the link in the chain that can make or break your performance. When you can take in more oxygen you can run, pedal, and pump away for longer – instantly making you a better conditioned athlete.

The ingredients in EPO-BOOST™ have been clinically proven to increase VO2max. After using EPO-BOOST™ for a while you’ll notice that you feel strong from start to finish – making your huffing and puffing a thing of the past.


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Pablo Santa Cruz

“I am very skeptical with nutritional supplements due to the prevalent lack of clean manufacturing practices and banned substance contamination. I am very glad to have researched and tested BRL’s products to my and my performance support team’s satisfaction. With the combination of Epo-Boost and Tri-Fuel, I have noticed a significant increase in recovery from high intensity efforts, especially from race to race during our typical double race weekends. I have also noticed a higher level of energy and alertness compared to my competitors, especially during the last 20 miles of long group rides and races. Particularly, I am very encouraged with breaking through key power and speed thresholds after 6 weeks of using these products.  Pablo Santa Cruz