Fabian O’Conner-Brook

Cross Country Skier

Competitive Highlights

1st Junior Boy – 10km Classic – Canadian National Championships – Quebec
1st Junior Boy – 10km Classic – Arctic Winter Games – Whitehorse
Several top 20 placings in the NorAm Canada Cup circuit

How EPO-Boost works for me (User since January, 2011)

Providing me with rapid mental and physical benefits, it is clear: Endura Fuel is a unique product that enhances my cross-country ski training. EPO Boost’s beneficial qualities are also very prominent. My overall health, in particular, my immune responces are faster-acting and agile. The combination of these two products prepare me in many ways for the race season to come. Thank-you!” -Fabian O’Connor-Brook, Yukon Elite Squad, Cross-Country Skiing

Yukon Elite Ski Team 1