Fernando CabadaCabada Pic 3

Professional Runner
Newton Running Elite


3xUSA Champion

7th place at 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials (2:11:53)

Former 25km American Record Holder (1:14:21)

Marathon PB 2:11:36 (Berlin Marathon 2014)

Half Marathon PB 1:02:00 (Houston 2014)

Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier for 2016


How Trifuel works for me

In the fall of 2012 I first was introduced to Trifuel (called Endurafuel back then). I used Trifuel and didn’t think much of it at first, since I’ve been an elite athlete for 6 years and have used other types of performance drinks. The following year in 2013 I used Trifuel more consistently training for my first Boston marathon (16th 2:18:25) is where I noticed the effects and how much I liked Trifuel. I love the taste and enjoy it as a normal everyday drink. What stood out the most was how well it would sit in my stomach; I’ve never had any issues. In 2014 I ran my fastest marathon ever of 2:11:36 at the Berlin Marathon and Trifuel is what I used in my training and during the race, towards the end of the marathon, Trifuel was the biggest factor giving me the energy I needed to keep me on 5:00 miles. That performance boosted me to a #5 ranking in the marathon USA rankings! I’m extremely excited now that after 3 years of using Trifuel, I am actually now apart of the BRLSports family and Ambassador for the brand! – Fernando Cabada