Impact of VO2Max and Running Economy on Athletic Performance

Triathlon runner
During a race, running out of energy can be a serious problem for all runners, whether you are on the track, running a marathon or a ultramarathon. The most important factor in predictors of athletic performance is VO2 Max and running economy.

VO2 Max is a measure of how fit an athlete is:

It expresses the volume of oxygen a body consumes per minute.

Runners with a high VO2 max absorb more oxygen; they can run farther and race faster. Economic runners burn less oxygen at a given pace: they’re frugal with oxygen use. They too can run farther and race faster. The best 5K, 10K, marathon and triathlon performances are run by athletes with high VO2 max and good running economy.

EPO-BOOST™ , a running supplement, dramatically increases VO2 max and running economy, the most important predictors of running performance.

What does VO2 MAX mean?

VO2 max, or Maximum Oxygen Uptake Capacity, to use its formal name, is the amount of oxygen we can absorb into our cells in one minute while working at full capacity. It’s a measure of fitness expressed in milliliters per kilogram per minute (i.e., aerobic capacity).

In one way, VO2 max is similar to the size of the gas tank in one’s car.The bigger the tank (i.e. VO2 max) the farther the car can go. As an example, if you had to drive a long distance and had to choose between two cars and one car has a gas tank that is twice the size of the other car’s, which car would you choose? EPO-BOOST® increases the size of your “gas tank” so you can go run farther and race faster.

What is Running Economy?

Running economy is the energy required during running at a given sub-maximal velocity. It’s often expressed as the rate of oxygen consumption per distance covered (ml/kg/km). Those who are able to consume less oxygen while running at a given velocity are said to have a better running economy. Determination of running economy is carried out by measuring oxygen consumption at a steady state within one’s aerobic range.

Running economy is similar to the fuel economy of a person’s car. Again, running economy is a measure of how much (or little, as the case may be) oxygen the runner uses for a given, sub-maximal speed. In theory, two runners can have the same maximal capacity for oxygen use (VO2 max), and then the one who is more economical at the sub-maximal speeds is likely to be the better runner.

EPO-BOOST® dramatically increases VO2 max and running economy, the most important predictors of running performance.

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