Inge Pouw

    Runner and Trainer 

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Inge lives in The Netherlands and has been practicing sports  since she was 6 years old.  She started with athletics, where running my favorite part was. When she was 16, she did karate and within a short time took part in competitions at the international level. This was a top-class sport, with daily exercise and regular competitions.  She was  Dutch Champion several times and a few times Third on the European and World Championships. Then, she went to the Royal military police and she came into contact with boxing and kickboxing.

She has gained a lot of experience with Combination Sports such as triathlons, survival runs and the Ultimate Fitness Challenge. Sports where running is combined with other disciplines. Overall she became an all round athlete with both elite sport as a recreational experience.

Inge has recently decided to focus on her running and has been succesully achiving many age group prizes. This is her path and she feel honors to have BRLSports as sponsor in her prepares to step higher in the sport of running.

How Trifuel works for me

BRLSports products helped help her to train harder “I use TRIFUEL and I am very excited about it. It really helps my recovery because of the very complex formula of carbs & amino acids etc. I take it while training and after training to recover quicker for my next workout.” -Inge Pouw

Visit Inge’s Facebook Blog to follow her trainings, learn tip on nutrition and several sport technics.

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