Jeff Menn Cover

Jeff Menn


Water Skiing, Weightlifting, Cycling

Competitive Highlights

Five time State Waterski Champion
National Champion Curler Weightlifter
National Champion Sno Cross Racer

How EPO-Boost works for me (User since April, 2011)

2012 update – I have been using TriFuel™ and EPO Boost now for about a year. The results are amazing. My lifts are better than ever, my performances are off the charts. I wouldn’t train without! Keep up the great work!

2011- I am truly amazed at the results I have encountered while using your products. Due to the wide range of sports that I participate in it is very difficult for me to find supplements that cater to my unique needs, your products do just that. While trying your epo boost I had amazing results while cycling. I am able to push harder for longer, and feel like a completely different person. I also just started using endura-fuel. Taken before my heavy lifting days, I have made increases in the last couple of weeks that have even left me scratching my head. I can lift more, workout longer, and seem to push 110% all the time. Your products are amazing and I will continue to use them. Thanks for your help and support.