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Jim Pyatt

Extreme Cyclist

24 Hour World Time Trial Championships.1st Place mixed 2 person team 50-59 Age Group.

The Silver State 508. 1st Place mixed 2 person team 50-59 Age group, thanks Karin S. Weller

1st Place Solo 50-59 age group RAW (The Race Across the West), 879 miles from Oceanside CA – Durango, CO

1st Place Furnace Creek 508 Team division
1st age group Furnace Creek* Trona 353
2nd, overall 4 man “Team Eland” Furnace Creek* Trona 353

8th age group 2012 Furnace Creek 508
21st overall out of 72 solo riders

How AltitudeRx and EPOBoost work for me

“Altitude Rx was the key to finishing 1st place in the 2-person mixed team at The Silver State 508, the high-altitude 508 mile bike race. We combined EPO Boost with Altitude Rxsupplements and have no doubt this combination of supplements provided us the ability to slow our breathing and perform at our highest level. Karin and I both took Altitude Rx as prescribed and the results were incredible.  We didn’t suffer any ill effects from the altitude.  We performed our best at the highest altitude of the race. Karin snagging the Strava QOM on stage 3, 106 miles, and me capturing the 2015 KOM on stage 6, 112 miles.” December 2015.

Furnace Creek 508 race report 2012
The race unfolded as anticipated. I was in the top 10 through the first two time stations. As the field began to separate after Trona, my mind was planning the climb of Townes Pass a 5,000 ft climb in under 10 miles. Climbing not being my biggest asset, my plan was to reach the top without being passed and to my surprise I reached the top still alone. The next 24 miles descends to below sea level and descending is one of my strengths reaching a top speed of 57.1. One would think this would be a time to rest but I can assure you descending in the dark at 50 mph is not restful. Cruising into Furnace Creek time station, I was passed by the first two-man team.
Feeling good at the halfway point and enjoying Death Valley which is one of my favorite sections, I began to feel light headed! My plan was to press on no matter what, still my mind said stop! Losing time I was passed by one rider. I made the decision to stop, eat and rest before I ran off the road believing it was a lack of nutrition. I drank Ensure and eat an Almond Butter sandwich, Up to this point I was fueling energy bars, sandwiches, water and TriFuel™. Throughout the remainder of the race I drank 1 Ensure per hr.
Afterwards, I began to feel strong again and pressed on through to Baker. Leaving Baker the temperature sored to over 100. I was urinating regularly and didn’t experience dehydration. This is a section with a road that goes for over 25 miles with a grade of 2-3%. This road never seems to end. Descending into Kelso I passed four riders and was feeling good. Leaving Kelso was yet another long 18-mile climb but the downhill is over 24 miles into Amboy. I passed six riders and averaged 27.1 mph and the second fastest decent.
Passing through Amboy I was feeling good. Knowing yet another long climb was on the horizon, I pushed hard through the flat section. The climb at mile 450 kicked my butt; the people I passed on the downhill returned the favor and passed me. At the top was a short decent before turning west toward Twentynine Palms and 24 miles into a headwind. Nothing will deflate your psyche faster than looking at the computer and seeing 15mph knowing it’s going to take 1.5 hours to finish. My wife, Karen, said it was painful to watch. Still I passed two people in the last mile to finish 21st out of 72 solo riders 40:25:43, over 7 hours faster than in 2011 all credit to EPO Boost.

24 Hour World Time Trial Championships, Race report (Jim Pyatt)

Official Results

  • 1stplace in men’s age group
  • 416.5 Miles
  • 18.3 Average speed
  • 7thOverall
  • 4thAmerican

This race drew some of the greatest endurance cyclists from around the world. I was humbled to be in the field with cyclists of such high caliber. I first want to thank to my super crew: RJ Frank Corwin, Rich Dryer and Gordon Sweeny. Without them this race would not have been possible.

The race started at 6pm Friday November 2nd in Thermal, California. Right out of the gate Marko Baloh (SLO), Chris Hopkinson (UK), Adam Bickett (USA), and Dave Haase (USA) took off like it was a 25-mile time trial. I stayed with my plan and let them go. At mile 8, I got stopped at the only traffic light on the course and was stuck for 5 minutes during which time I was caught by 4 riders. I was held back for the next 50 miles, as the field needed to have separation but several riders took advantage of me and my support car to draft (not legal). I completed the 1st long loop 121 miles in 6 hr, 12 min. The second long loop was frightening as there were three times when I was attacked by packs of dogs!! I was able to avoid them but my heart rate accelerated to 90% partly from fright and the rest from trying to outrun them. During the 2ndloop my crew informed me I was 50 minutes behind Bill Packard (USA) the leader of my age group. Feeling good, I was confident that I could catch him by staying on the bike and staying in my HR zone

The remainder of the race was on the short loop – 15.2 miles. I was passed by Marko, Chris and Adam. I felt very good physically and was gaining ground on Bill every lap and eventually passed him on lap 6. My mind started racing as I knew winning was possible. I kept praying, “God hold my body together”. I hadn’t seen Seana Hogan (USA), the 6-time RAAM Champion, since the start but knew she was a lap up on me. I kept pushing hard wanting to get 420 miles. The winds switched directions on the last couple of laps. My mind wanted to stop at lap 10 but I knew victory was mine if I just kept pushing hard. Endurance cycling is between your ears, you just have to convince your body you can do it! I kept pushing to stay in my HR zone. Knowing I was in the top 10 kept me pushing, as I began to dream of being the World Champion. I came across the finish just behind Seana to finish the best race since coming back from a broken back. All credit goes to God. During the race I consumed 5 gallons of water/ TriFuel™ and 6,500 calories of food and never once had cramping. I would like to thank my cycling team, CdV Fun Sport Cycling team, my sponsors TriFuel™, EPO Boost, Shimano and Alldrin Brothers Almonds.

The 24 Hour World Champion 2012

Jim Pyatt