Holbet Jonah photo

Johan Holbert

Cross Country/Track, Emmanuel College Cross Country and Track Program


2013 XC season conference championship, 1st place, running 26:00 in 8k

Game winner for NAIA finals, soccer match for Emmanuel College

1st place Turkey Trot 5K mobile Alabama

NAIA Nationals with an 8:45 in the the 3k!!!


How EPO Boost and TriFuel™ works for me (User since August 11th)

BRL Sports Nutrition has revolutionized the world of performance. I take EPO Boost and TriFuel™ on a regular basis to not only be successful but do the unimaginable.

I was a soccer player at a nationally ranked school and the extra kick from these products gave me the advantage to sprint by defenders and score multiple game winners to establish many historic moments.

As my soccer life subsided I looked for achievement and glory in the world of running.

I am now the captain of the highest ranked NAIA team in the southern conference, with a humbling heart for god and dedication to win.

TriFuel™ gave a new arrival such as myself an intensified edge among the college runners as it was all new but me but gave me the strength to endure and hang on with the best of runners.

Taking EPO Boost and TriFuel™ lead to a very successful first triathlon as intimidation not already established iron men was a factor, I placed third overall and first in the age group as true shock was brought by the feat.

In all, BRL Sports Nutrition has established a new foundation for my life as I will always continue to strive for more.