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Kirsten Darley

Spy Cycling Team , Triathlete, Runner, Mt Climber

Competitive Highlights

1st overall Malibu Tri, Won The Bonelli Tri series, 4th overall at Wildflower Tri long course 4:48
9th overall at the Germany Ironman 9:31

1st overall Salmon Idaho Marathon 3:09

1st GC in Calville Bay Stage Race,
1st in San Diego Stage Race,
1st in State Champion Masters Road Race
1st in Brentwood Criterium,
1st in the 2010 State Champion Masters Road Race
1st in the 2010 and 2011 Cat 1/2 State TTT.
1st overall 2013 State Champion Masters Road Race,
4th at San Luis Rey Cat 1,2,3

Chimborazo, Ecuador 23,000 ft
Patagonia, Chile

How TriFuel™ and EPO-Boost works for me 

In 2013 Her focus was being a domestique for the the up and coming stars.

Kirsten, now, wants to inspire and mentor the younger riders/athletes on the SPY-liv/GIANT team, her current sponsor.

Kirsten has been using TriFuel™ since March 2013. She and her husband, Todd Darley swear by it. Kirsten is certain that it played a role in her winning Masters State Road Race Championships  in June 2013. There seems to be a time release element to the product. We both feel stronger at the end of our workouts. We noticed it on our first bike ride.

We also used it when we hiked Half Dome in Yosemite last month. Again, felt great at the end of the climb. 19 strenuous miles 10 hrs later. Such a great product!