Kyle Walker

Cyclist, Triathlete

Competitive Highlights


I’ve had a big season so far. I upgraded from a Collegiate C to Collegiate A in one season. I finished 7th overall in my conference and did well enough to qualify for the USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships May 2nd-4th in Richmond, VA!

2012 Race Season Highlights

1st place at 6 out of 8 Texas Tech Friday Night Crits
1st place in Team Time Trial at Texas A&M Tunis Roubaix
1st place in Crit at Texas A&M Tunis Roubaix
3rd in Age group at South Plains Cyclocross Race Series

How EPO-Boost works for me (User since October, 2012)

2014 Update: I had a 75 mile road race last week. Wind was blowing 30 mph+, humidity was at over 65%, and the race was to see who qualified for Nationals. My HR didn’t get below 170 for a majority of the race, I knew at this pace I bound to get a cramp or ‘bonk.’ Every 30 min I would finish a bottle of Trifuel, and every lap I would make sure my teammates passed me a bottle with it in it. With about 5 miles to go I knew I had hit a breaking point….I just kept waiting and waiting for my legs to give out but they never did. They even still had some extra kick in them, I was able to hop on the break and finish 6th overall in the race and qualified for the Collegiate Nationals Championships. I can sincerely thank TRIFUEL for helping me reach my goal.

2013: I took EPO-Boost last Fall in the medical study at Texas Tech University, and had a 6 point increase on my Vo2 Max during my off season!

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