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Leon Bergant


Cyclist Cat 3

Competitive Highlights

1st Place 05/11/2013 – Darek Leyde Memorial Downtown Criterium
2nd Place 05/04/2013 – Antelope Island Classic | Road Race | Cat 1/2/3
1st Plce 04/20/2013 – East Canyon-Echo Road Race | Road Race | Cat 1/2/3
1st Place Course record holder 9/08/2012 – LOTOJA CLASSIC | Road Race | Cat

How EPO-Boost works for me (User since January, 2011)

“I am a 35 year old cyclist, a husband, and a father of three, who has been out of competition from 1997 till 2012. I started to ride again more seriously in 2012 with a goal to race, the longest one day sanctioned bicycle race LOTOJA in Utah. 206 miles crossing three states and finishing in Jackson Hole WY. I did not know what to expect, but was willing to try. I started using EPO Boost along with Endura Fuel, and I could almost immediately notice a change in my performance. In the year 2012, I only entered one race, LOTOJA, won it, and set the new course record.

In 2013 I renewed my license as a category 3 rider. In Utah, category 3 cyclist have an option to race with Pro 1-2-3 category riders. I have entered 5 different events in 2013 under Pro 1-2-3 category and won 3 of those events.

Taking EPO boost along with TriFuel™ has been tremendously helpful in improving my performance! What is even more important, the products have had significant impact on my recovery after my training ride or race. It used to take me several days to get back to normal, but now, I am ready the next day and I can almost match the performance of the previous day. I absolutely stand by the product and would recommend it to anyone at any competitive level.”


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