Madeline 2

  Madeline Dolente

VTRX Trainer and OCR Athlete








Madeline is the creator of Lava Cycle and has been teaching cycling for more than 15 years. She has 69 certifications, is an Ambassador for Reebok and South Block. She has run 22 marathons and received numerous age group awards in duathlons and 5Ks.

Madeline also competes in Obstacle Course Races and has been seen on TV recently running Spartan races. She has been featured on CNN, NBC, ABC and in videos and books.  Look for her at the Spartan Races almost every weekend!

How Invigor8 works for Madeline:

“I started a strict nutritional program with the goal of getting leaner, faster and stronger. Whether I’m competing in Crossfit, racing in an obstacle race, duathlon or preparing for a photo shoot, my diet is very strict and crucial for performance. Invigor8 was the only shake on the market that my dietician approved because of its the only all natural product on the market with the nutrients I need. I love that it contains 5 veggies, probiotics, fiber, whey protein and tastes awesome! For a girl on the go, I put 2 scoops on my shaker bottle every morning and even packed a weeks’ worth in my luggage for Dubai.” Oct. 2015

How Trifuel works for Madeline:

“I started racing every weekend and consulted with one of the top Dieticians to make sure I was fueling properly for optimal race conditions and optimal recovery. What I like about Trifuel is that is has more electrolytes as well as BCAA’s and amino acids and caffeine. I knew this combination would be good for better output and recovery but I wanted to put it to the test. So after using Trifuel for 4 weeks, I’ve consistently had more energy during my workouts, I don’t have GI distress like I do with some of the other products on the market, and I can train hard the day after a race.  I wish they had this available at all of the races instead of the sugary Gatorade. My favorite flavor is the mixed berry!” Oct. 2015

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