Mark Swart

Mark “Sparrow” Swart & Debra Daley

Ironman World Championship racing couple

Mark and Debra are locally known as the Dynamic duo of the endurance community along Florida’s east coast! As a couple they have racked up over 100 podium appearances and 50 wins in the past 4 seasons.

Competitive Highlights

CHALLENGE ATLANTIC CITY 140.6 Triathlon June 2014                                           Mark Swart 1st AG Division                                                                                 Debra Daley 2nd AG Division

Since coming on board with BRL Sports Nutrition in early 2011, they Both won the overall “Series Title” at the 2011 Club Med triathlon series , they also won the Masters titles at 2011’ Heartland triathlon and again at the 2012 Huntington’s Olympic triathlon in Miami Florida… in their first year of triathlon racing they both qualified for 70.3 Vegas with podium finishes in Augusta 70.3, then amazingly, 6 weeks after returning from Vegas with top 25 placings, they both punched their ticket to Vegas 70.3 worlds again in 70.3 Miami where Debra won the women’s 40-44 division!!!

Debra is a Yoga instructor and sales rep at Fleet feet sports in Stuart Florida and Mark, who is known as “The Sparrow” is a Physical Therapist at Florida Orthopaedic Specialists in Port St. Lucie FL.

Both are looking forward to an exciting racing season as part of a local team that they are building in Florida known as “Treasure Coast United” . This fast growing TC team is supported by the Tri-Athletica Sports store in Stuart, FL.

The products they use: TRIFUEL, EPOBOOST and INVIGOR8.

How EPO-Boost works for Mark Swarts. Update December 2014.

“EPO Boost is one of the best performance enhancing supplements that is available. It has been a staple for me over the past 4 seasons and has helped me to achieve numerous results and accolades. I can say with certainty that EPO Boost has helped me to achieve Ironman “All World Athlete Gold status”, USAT All American status for 4 consecutive years and has helped me to realize goals and dreams as an endurance athlete that I never thought possible. I never race an important event without EPO Boost onboard!” Mark Swarts

Testimonial- April 2014

Mark Swart: I have been using the BRL products for about 3 years now. I used the Wildberry Flavor with caffeine at first and now that the Lemon Lime version without caffeine is available, I am pleased to have the 2 options. This stuff has been in my bottles the past 2 times that I have qualified for Ironman 70.3 World Championships. I use it during training and racing and have had excellent results. For me , one of the keys is to not be depleted when I finish the bike and its time to work the run…..With TriFuel, I have been able to avoid cramping and drops in energy that can be detrimental late in races. This stuff really works.
Debra Daley: I have been using BRL Sports products for 3 years and would not train without them. The new, non caffeinated products are a great addition to their line, as is their new recovery shake, Invigor8…The Caffeinated Tri Fuel is great toward the end of a long endurance training run when I need a kick and the lemon lime and berry flavors is a great, all of the training time. I have less soreness and recover better when I use these products, regularly. I recommend all of the BRL products highly.

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Debra Swart    Debra Daley and Mark Swart