Matt Perry


Using VO2-Boost continues to help me improve. I did use Altitude RX ( for my races at high altitude, the Firecracker 50 and Breck 100 (both starting at 9k feet in Breckenridge CO) and it seemed to help with acclimatization a lot. I ended up getting 2nd place in the Firecracker 50! Matt Perry, Portland Oregon.

01/11/2011 I’ve tried your VO2Boost supplement for about 3 months now and I definitely noticed a significant performance enhancement after about 4 weeks. My aerobic power was higher and I was able to recover from VO2Max efforts much more quickly. I credit VO2Boost for getting me on the podium of the CO Cyclocross Cup (second place in the SS cat!).

I did notice that the effect plateaued after 8-9 weeks – this was expected as the research doesn’t support continuous gains from these ergogenic ingredients. I stopped for a few weeks and then restarted my daily supplementation and it has started once again to push my performance in the right direction! Matt Perry

Note: We suggest that you take a week off every couple of months as their may be a re-boosting effect.