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Matt Robbins


Competitive Highlights

2013 Five State Championship races in 2013. TN state crit, road race, time trial, cross country, and track
6th Collegiate Track Nationals – kilo time trial with a time of 1:06:98
Track record for flying lap at the Dick Lane Velodrome in Atlanta
2007 and 2011 Xterra Southeast Regional Champion
3rd AG Xterra National championships 2007
4th AG 2012 ITU Cross Tri World Championship
Knoxville Covenant Marathon 3:21:00
2nd Atomic Man Half Ironman 2009
15th AG Ford Ironman Louisville KY, 11:36:52, 2010

How EPO-Boost works for me (User since July, 2012)

2013 Update 

Coming off a tough season-ending injury halfway through 2012, I am ready to attack the 2013 season with a vengeance. I have 20 weekends of racing scheduled from mid-March to mid-September most of which are multi-race weekends. My goals are to make it to the amateur finals at the Terrapin Twilight Crit, win the TN State Championship Crit, and win the TN Best Area Rider Classification. Keeping my body fueled with healthy supplements during competition, my muscles replenished with appropriate carbs and protein after workouts, and my mind sharp and focused is where the entire line of BRL products comes into action. You can have top-dollar equipment and a great engine, but it doesn’t move without the right fuel.

2012 “I’ve only been using EPO Boost for a month now, but I’ve already seen dramatic changes in my climbing abilities — both on the bike and the run. I’ve reduced a 21 minute climb in a race to a 19 minute climb during training. I can power up and over hills on my runs better than ever before. These ascents don’t usually come easy to me being 5’10” and 186 pounds, but with the increased endurance from EPO Boost, I can dig deeper and sustain it for the entire climb. I’m excited to see what I can do as part of Team USA at ITU Cross Worlds coming up this year as well as the rest of my races.”