Matthew Tran..  the new iska 135 pound tennessee state champion and thew fit factory 135 ppound champion 










Matt Tran

MMA – Matt “The Spider Man” Tran

Matt is mixed martial athlete, specializing in Catch as Catch Can. He has held multiple titles in both MMA and Grappling competitions. “The Spiderman” has made a name for himself as one of the top bantamweights in the Southeast.

Sept 2014 Win against Tateki Matsuda, Victory 4 Productions, Boston

Competitive Highlights

MMA Fight Record – 10W-1L (7-0 amateur, 3-1 pro)
1. Ranked number 2 in the country by the ISKA
2. Ranked number 1 in the southeast as an ammy by
3. Fightlab Promotions two time Bantamweight Champion
4. FitFactory Promotions Bantamweight Champion
5. Tennessee ISKA Bantamweight Champion
6. Elite Grappling Tournament Champion
7. Casca Grossa Submission Grappling Champion
8. Hayastan Grappling Champion
9. North Carolina Grappling Championship Champion
10. East Coast Martial Arts Tournament Champion
11. Fights have been featured on Fox Sports South television programs, Jays Brawl Call, and FightZone TV.

How EPO-Boost and Trifuel work for me (User since September, 2011)

“I have continued using BRL Sports products for the past four years because they work. Simple as that.

They give an overall increase in performance, strength and endurace. I know many training and sparring partners who take preworkouts or supplements but it seems like every time I see them they are on a new supplement kick.

I have been so impressed with results that were highly noticeable while training for upcoming fights. I will continue to use BRL supplements and promote them to anyone that wants to take their training and performance to the highest level. With hard work and BRL Sports Supplements there is no reason you won’t surpass your goals.” Matt Tran, 2015.


“While training for my last fight, I began using EPO Boost and TriFuel™. I felt a definite increase in energy levels, stamina, and muscle endurance. During intense training sessions when others were failing, I felt the ability to push even further. EPO Boost gives me the ability to train for extra rounds, without sacrificing performance. That translated into a great show inside the cage and another win. I 100% recommend this product to anyone that wants to take their training and competition to the highest level.” Matt Tran

Matt Tran