Milton Santiago, Jr.


Competitive Highlights

3 time Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Champion
3 time Ringside World Champion
3 time National Pal Champion.
4 time J.O. State Champion

How EPO-Boost works for me (User since Jan 3, 2012)

Hi my name is Milton Santiago JR my dad purchased your product EPO BOOST for me, I have been taking it for almost 3 weeks now. I am an amateur boxer with a record 144-12. Since I been taking EPO BOOST my endurance level has gone up the roof, I went running 2 miles , and I did not jog I sprinted 2 miles ,my dad who is my trainer could not believe it, he said I was running like a deer. I feel a lot stronger; I can do more exercises with out getting tired.

I feel very explosive when I get in the ring; I want to let you know your product EPO BOOST works. My brother Thomas is also taking EPO and he has asthma, and EPO has helped breathe a lot better, he can train a lot harder and not gasp for air.

I have dreams of winning an Olympic gold medal one day.

Note from his dad: I have seen great results in the short time that Milton has been taking EPO BOOST. He trains so hard and doesn’t even breathe heavy, it is amazing how EPO BOOST changed his work ethic, I sparred him with a pro today and he took the pro to school, the pro was gasping for air, and Milton JR it was like nothing, I kept asking him how do you feel and he said great, I just kept putting water over his head, because the gym that we were at was so hot it felt like being in a sauna.

I kept telling him that EPO BOOST is kicking in JR replied “hell yea”.

Thank You EPO BOOST for this great product, and I like how your product is helping my son reach his ultimate GOALS. Milton Santiago SR