Monica Ward

Cyclist – Team American Classic AC1 (2)


Monica is a passionate cyclist driven by adventure and excitement. Those two passions are what drove Monica to start competing competitively in cycling. After winning several State Championship titles along the way she discovered her true passion, gravel racing, where it is you against the dirt and where the pain became glory on the podium.

Competitive Highlights

2014 Results

Gravelicious Gravel Grinder- 112 mile grave road race. 1st  Pl. Women, 8th overall.

Camino 205 Presented by American Classic- 105 mile gravel road race- Finished 1st Place Overall

Arkansas State Championship Criterium- 1st Place masters 35-45

Arkansas State Championship Road Race -1st Place Masters 35-45

Red Hills Roller Gravel Race- 1st Place Women 39 and under, 15th overall

Land Run 100 Gravel Race- 1st place Women Open, 42nd overall

2013 Results

Arkansas State Championship Criterium- 1st Place Masters 35+

NWA Omnuim- 1st Place Women Open

Red Hills Roller Gravel Race- 1st Place Women Open, 2nd Place overall

Land Run 100- 1st Place Women Open, 14th Place overall

2012 Results

Oklahoma State Championship Road Race- 3rd place Women Open

Specs Criterium- 1st Place Women Open

Bazaar Road Race- 1st Place Cat 4 Women

Salina Regional Health Crit Series- 2nd Place Women Open

Salina Regional Health Crit Series- 1st Place Women Open

How ALTITUDE BOOST works for me

“I took my first dose of ALTITUDE BOOST today and had the best run, spin and cardio workout that I’ve had in a long time. I cannot describe how good I feel. It’s like every breath I took seemed so oxygen-rich.” Sep 8, 2015

“I have been using it pretty much every day for eight days and I have noticed that I have had an increase in energy and overall I feel really good and I feel like my output is actually better after I take altitude boost. My cardio and legs seem to not be affected by strain as much as before use.

I actually get to enjoy the ride instead of just “enduring pain”, which is what my training has felt like prior to altitude boost, suffering. It makes my training more enjoyable which is just what I need.”Sep 2015

How TRIFUEL and EPO-BOOST work for me

I have been using EPO-BOOST for several months now and have notice significant improvement in my cycling performance and endurance. This is something I would highly recommend to any athlete. I truly believe that it has also helped me to advance to the next level in my training and racing performance and would not want to race without it!

I have also been using TriFuel for a couple months as well and this is truly the key to success in endurance bike racing. Not only does this keep me hydrated and loaded with electrolytes, it keeps me fueled with liquid calories when food doesn’t want to go down so well and helps speed the recovery process. This endurance drink fuels me on short fast paced races as well as 100+ mile races and I wouldn’t want to race or ride without it. Trifuel in combination with EPO-BOOST is a winning combination!- Monica Ward

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