Negativity Kills…


Have you ever been around, or are now around, people who are constantly putting everyone around them down, so that they will look better? You know these people, they are never happy, and constantly have something negative to say.

Someone told me once that negativity is like a tornado, one person can say something negative, and it will suck someone else in. Then in walks another person, and they get sucked in as well, it just grows and grows. The only way to stop this negativity tornado is to be the positive ray of sunshine. It will break up that tornado in record time!

You will find that when you are about to go into a race, whether it be distance running, or competitive mountain biking, the best thing for you is to have a clear positive frame of mind. Nothing is accomplished when your mind is full of negativity.

You have trained hard, been using your nutritional supplements like you are supposed to, this is your moment to shine. Stay away from that negativity tornado, be the ray of sunshine, of hope………. and you can win every time!