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Nick is a professional Mixed Martial Artist who currently resides in Athens, Georgia.

Competitive Highlights

Former ISKA United States Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion (amateur 2008-10)
Professional MMA record 6-2
Current Georgia Fighters Championship Heavyweight Champion (2011-…)
Current Conflict MMA Promotions Heavyweight Champion (2013-…)
3x Knockout of the Night Award winner
1x Submission of the Night Award winner Breakout Fighter (2013)
Veteran of M-1 Global Selection tournament

How EPO-Boost and TriFuel™ works for m

With being one of the top heavyweights on the regional circuit and because of the rigorous schedule of training camp workouts I use TriFuel™ as both pre-workout and recovery drink. I mix one before the morning strength & conditioning session, one before afternoon fight specific training and then I have one before bed to aide in recovery while I sleep. When I stack the Epo-Boost on top of that, my gas tank is better than I could have ever dreamed. A 6’5 265lb cardio monster is being built thanks to BRL Sports.

August 2013′ Update: I used BRL Sports EPO-Boost and TriFuel™ for the first time during training camp for Conflict MMA heavyweight title fight on May 11, 2013. Stacking the EPO-Boost with the TriFuel™, as both pre-workout and recovery drinks, helped me to see an increase in my cardio like I had never seen before. I believe the rigorous training sessions at The HardCore Gym combined with these two supplements greatly aided in my ability to keep the furious pace that earned me Knockout of the Night honors in my :53 second win over Joe Ray, ultimately becoming the Conflict MMA Promotions Heavyweight Champion. I want to thank BRL Sports for the support and two of the best supplements I have ever taken.



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