Road 10k



Olga King

Ultra Runner

Competitive Highlights



Syllamo 50M – 3/16, 9:46, 1st Female, 4th Overall
Hells Hills 25km (USATF championship) – 4/6, 2:23, 6th Female
Free State 100km – 4/20, 11:42, 1st Female, 8th Overall
McDonald Forest 50km – 5/11, 5:58, 10th Female
San Diego 100M – 6/8, 23:35, 4th Female, 18th Overall

How EPO-Boost and TriFuel™ are helping me:

I’ve been using EPO-Boost tabs daily for 2 months prior my goal race of the season – a San Diego 100M in June. At the same time I had also started to use TriFuel™ as my recovery drink (mainly, although there were times I used it as a fueling drink during training runs). I had noticed a very fast recovery, a general “feel good” state of the body, and was able to perform at SD100 at the top of the game, when the temperatures rose to 108F and more than half the field dropped due to various heat-related issues.

I drank TriFuel™ 3 times during the race in addition to my other fueling and electrolytes, and was amazed how it “picked me up”. I also have to add that TriFuel™ dissolves completely without extra taste, no thickening of the liquid, no protein from milk or soy (to which I am allergic to) and is gluten-free. I never had a drink that didn’t give me stomach problems – and this is it. Now that I am beginning my second cycle of training for 2013, I am looking forward using the products of BRL Sports from the get-go.