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Scott Fleming

Recent Race Events:

*4 time Ironman triathlete (California, Utah, 2x Florida, 10:58 PR)
*5 time Leadville 100 mtb (top 25 in 2005, 8:12 PR)
*3rd place Nordic ski National Marathon Championships 2011
*Cat 2 road cyclist, Pro mtb, Cat 1 cyclocross
*2nd place solo 24 hours of Leadville mtb race
*3rd place Kansas state cyclocross championships, 45+ 2010
*2nd place Missouri state cyclocross championships, 45+ 2010
*2nd place Nebraska cyclocross championships, 45+ 2009
*Clydesdale world triathlon champion, London games, 2001
*1st place Breckenridge 100 mtb race, 40+, 2005
*2nd place Breck Epic mtb stage race, 40+, 2011

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