World Class Runner – Professional

Recent Race Events:

Barranquilla 10km Colombia.1 Place,11 NOV 2013
Antigua 21km Guatemala 3 place. 21 Jul 2013
cancun marathon Mexico 3 place .8 Dec 2013
Max Tott 21km Guatemala 2 place .26 Jan 2014
PGJDF 10km Mexico 1 place.1 Dec 2013

How BRL Sports supplements works for me 

“I just took first overall in two back to back 10K races. I know that EPO-Boost and TriFuel made all the difference. I will never race with out them. When racing and training in Mexico City I used AltitudeRX to acclimate and it allowed me to do so much more with no ill effects from altitude that I used to experience.”

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