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Taryn Lynn Olmstead

Runner – Ultrarunner

Recent Race Events:

Taryn Lynn ran her first race (1 mile) at age 8 with her uncle, who was an avid marathon runner. Now, 20 years later she is running distances from 5ks to ultra-marathons. She currently focuses all her training on longer endurance races with her main goal of making the USA 24 Hour Team. When Taryn is not running she is hiking with her dogs Pre and Champ.

Competitive Highlights

2nd Female Harbison State Forest 50K
2nd Female Operation Endurance 12 Hour
1st Female/2nd Overall Scenic City Trail Marathon (CR 3:07)
1st Overall Armadillo Broil 50k (CR)
1st Female/4th Overall Buffalo Run 50k (CR)

6th Female Steamtown Marathon, 3:02:21
1st Overall Sloppy Cuckoo 12 Hour, Course Record holder
1st Overall Pine Creek Challenge 100k Course Record holder
2nd Female Caumsett 50k USA Championships, 3:48:25-Qualified for World Trophy 50k

3rd Female NJ Trail Series 50k
1st Female Prompton Punisher 50k
1st Female Harbison 50k
1st Female Mad Marsh 50k

1st Female FATS 50k
2nd Female Bad Marsh 50k
1st Female Delirium 6 hours

From Taryn: “I have been using BRL Sports Products for well over a year now, I have seen tremendous improvements with my training and racing. With Ultra-Running getting the right nutrition is very important, I have found that using TRIFUEL during races has helped me fight against stomach issues, fatigue and has helped me with recovery. Also, I feel BRL has been like a second family to me over the past year, supporting me in my goals and helping me achieve them. I love my BRL family” Jan 2016.

2014 Testimonial Update on EPO-Boost

“Three weeks into using Epo-Boost I noticed that I had more energy during my long runs, I feel stronger and able to push myself just a little more during the last couple miles. I took a month off of training and now back out there and still using Epo-boost I am coming back into shape so quickly, right where I left off. Very happy using Epo-boost, secret weapon for sure”- Taryn Lynn, Dec. 2014.

How EPO-Boost and Trifuel work for me

“I have always struggled with nutrition in my races; it seemed to be my weakness. I had to drop early in many of my ultras due to nausea. I got to the point where I was scared to run anything over a 50k because my stomach couldn’t handle it.

I started using BRL Sports Nutrition products with hope that it would cure my stomach issues and fatigue. I am beyond pleased with my results. I have claimed 2 course records and a PR in a marathon. I am not longer worried about the “long distance”. I am confident now that I can start to go after the distances and goals I have set in my eyes with BRL.”- Taryn Lynn, 2014.