The “Boost” in EPO-Boost

EPO model

The other day I was asked by a curious consumer what exactly the “EPO” in EPO Boost® stood for. The answer is Erythropoietin, a peptide hormone that is produced naturally by our kidneys. EPO heads straight for the bone marrow, and increases the production of red blood cells (which is what bone marrow does for a living) and in turn carries oxygen to the body’s muscles.

That’s a good thing, especially for athletes. When performing athletically, and you feel that insane, horrifying burn in your thighs or arms, this is the muscle screaming for oxygen and relief. Since we all know that relief is essentially slowing down (totally not acceptable), the oxygen is what you need.

This is where a product like EPO Boost® comes in! Taking the correct amount of EPO Boost®, which is free of banned substances, your personal EPO levels will rise significantly, as in 90%, and increase your VO2max and running economy.

What is VO2max you ask? Beginning athletes and veterans alike have most likely heard the term, but have no clue what this refers to. Well let me clue you in, just in case. VO2max is the highest capability of your body to transport and use oxygen during exercise. Literally, V stands for “volume per time”, O2 stands for oxygen, and max means maximum.

Now one thing that skeptics need to know is that EPO-Boost® is 100% legal. This is not a synthetic or actual hormone (which were banned in the 1990’s by the World Anti-Doping Agency), but many familiar and/or all-natural substances that just let your body do what it does best… only a little better. The endurance, strength, speed, and all-around performance increase are completely guaranteed.

There’s nothing better than a guarantee, since that simply means you have nothing to lose, but a world of power to gain.

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