Tim Burn

 tim burns


Tim Burn

World Class Runner 400m

Recent Race Events:

Gold North of England 400m champion
9th Aviva UK championship
Gold North of England AAA champs
Selected for England squad at Loughborough
Gold Guernsey Intertrust sprint
Gold North of England Indoor champs
Bronze UK U23 champs
Silver Mccain Intercounty CAU champs
Bronze BUCS outdoor champs
Silver BUCS Indoor champs

How BRL Sports supplements works for me

First major race on BRL supplements, EPO-Boost & TRIFUEL. “Busy day at the office! North of England 400m champion! First of many this year hopefully”

UPDATED: Feb. 2014′

I have been using both Epo-Boost and Trifuel formerly Endurafuel for the last 3 months with great success. Epo-boost has certainly helped my endurance and recovery between hard interval training sessions meaning I can push harder without the worry of not recovering for the next rep. TRIFUEL has helped provided me with an alertness for training also with recovery afterwards . I drink it before and during my sessions to make sure my body has everything it needs. I am looking forward to a successful year and BRL sports supplements are helping me achieve those goals!

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