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Todd Parker

Former Pro Triathlete, Elite Cyclist, Endurance Sports Coach Professor and Ultra-Marathon Cyclist


Competitive Highlights

2015, 2015, Philly-Atlantic City 100 – 1st Overall

2014, Chesapeake 100 – 1st Overall

2013, Gran Fondo National Championship – 4th Overall (with a flat 2 miles into the race & playing catch up for 16 miles–until the 1st climb)

2012, The Ultimate One Day Race – The Total 200, 215-miler, 3rd Overall

2011, Broke the Pennsylvania Cycling Across the State Record, 410 miles, 32,000 feet of climbing, 25 hours

Professional Certifications:

Certifications as a USA Cycling Coach, Endurance Sports Trainer, Personal Trainer, and Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

How Altitude Boost works for me: 

Over the last couple of months, I have been exclusively using Altitude Boost. Keep in mind that I’m not only an elite athlete, but an exercise physiologist as well – who is constantly being consulted to test product Worldwide. Therefore, I’m very in-tuned with my body, its biofeedback, training adaptations, performance gains, and generally very skeptical going in. Unequivocally, Altitude Boost & TriFuel™ have played a critical role in my training and racing successes. Whether it’s a race or competitive group ride with cyclists half my age, I have been impressed with my performance gains in such a short time period. I have experienced a significant boost to my aerobic capacity and endurance, by a noticeable increase in my cardiac output – the biggest contributor to improvements in one’s Lactate Threshold and VO2max. I am extremely pleased with your products, thankful that they do indeed work, and gladly attest to their significance in advanced performance gains for endurance athletes. Keep up the great work in advancing athletic supplement science! Coach Todd Parker 2015

Testimonial update 2013

I love your products, which have been instrumental in me achieving major breakthroughs such as breaking the Pennsylvania State Crossing Record, 3rd in a 215mile race (of all ages), and 600 miles and 40,000 ft of climbing through Death Valley in 5 days… And BTW, I turn 50 in another month. Your products are a major contributor to my successes and recovery between training and racing. Coach Todd Parker 2013

How VO2-Boost works for me (User since October 2010)

I recently completed the Pennsylvania Crossing Ride, which totaled 400 miles and 32,000+ feet of climbing, completed in 25 hours. I chose to make this a new charity ride (PA Ride for Kids), raising money for children needing facial reconstructive surgery, which 100% goes directly into The Beyond Face Fund.

This ride was extremely physically and mentally challenging; an event that ended up being historical, and pushed me to the limits of my abilities. In nearly 24 hours, we rode and climbed similarly comparable to 3 days of the Tour de France.

Besides water, I exclusively used TriFuel™ to help maintain my hydration, blood sugar, muscular endurance, focus, amino acids, and electrolytes. I also used VO2Boost for the 2 months leading up to the ride. Unequivocally, TriFuel™ and VO2Boost played a critical role in the success of this monumental event, and I am extremely thankful that your products work.

Todd Parker, Former Pro Triathlete, Exercise Physiologist, Endurance Sports Coach, Strength Coach, Personal Trainer, Author, Public Speaker, Professor in Exercise Science, Conditioning and Coaching.

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