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Tom Van Devender


Competitive Highlights

2nd Place 12/16/2012 – North Carolina Grand Prix Cyclo Cross

1st Place 12/15/2012 – North Carolina Grand Prix Cyclo Cross

3rd Place 12/09/2012 – Cross Festivus Cyclo-cross

3rd place 12/02/2012 – Queen City-Charlotte Cyclocross Cyclo Cross

3rd place 11/11/2012 – Wilkesboro Cyclocross Festival Cyclo Cross

Snake Creek Gap, MTB Time trial series, 3d overall

Cyclocross Season, NCCX Series and Master Worlds

2011 Single Speed Runner up in the Southern off road series

How EPO-Boost works for me (User since Sep, 2011)

I’ve been using both the EPO-Boost and TriFuel™. I used TriFuel™ yesterday while doing a power test. I noticed that my watts were higher than the last test and my heart rate was lower! I noticed a much quicker recovery between efforts.