Tony Migliozzi   

 Professional Marathoner      
50K World Champion      




Career Highlights:

2015 Overall Winner 50 km World Championship, Qatar. 2:52:08

2015 Pittsburgh Marathon 2:24:44 7th place Overall

2015 Albany Marathon 2:21:38  4th place Overall

2015 Chevron Houston Marathon 2:17:27 11th pl. Olympic Trials Qualifier

2014 Columbus Marathon 2:20:52      3rd place Overall

2014 USA Marathon Championships 2:18:32   11th place Overall


How Trifuel works for me:

I have been using the Trifuel for all of my marathon specific workouts and my hard long runs. Before using Trifuel I was always struggling to go the amount of distance I needed. Trifuel gave me that extra push at the end of long sessions to get through them at the correct paces I wanted. Without the Trifuel I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today.