Top 3 Things to Know about Running Supplements


Marcus Shute, National Champion, Gold Medal USTAF

As you select your next running supplements, one of the things you should take into consideration is how they specifically help improve your overall ability to function at a higher level that will enhance your running ability. In other words, you need specific supplements that can enhance how the body performs on the track. One of the most widely recommended, and most effective, tools for running better are EPO Boost. Beyond a doubt, you want to select running supplements specifically designed to enhance EPO and to increase VO2 max. By doing this, you will see results in your numbers and your endurance.

What You Need To Know About VO2 Max

One of the things you should know about as a runner is maximal oxygen uptake, called VO2 Max. This is a term used to describe the highest volume of oxygen that you can take in during exercise. Consider this from a simple form first. The more oxygen your body can take in while you are working out, the more strength and endurance you will have as you work out. As you consider your abilities to run, realize that the higher the level of VO2 Max is, the better you will run. You will be able to run faster when this number is increased. If you want to perform better in your next race or just increase the length of time you can run, you need to increase your VO2 Max.

How EPO Boost Helps

EPO Boost is one of the best natural supplements to use to increase your running abilities and strengths. One of the biggest benefits it has is to increase your endurance level. This means you can train harder and have better results on the track. As running supplements, you can comfortably take EPO Boost without having to worry about the negative side effects commonly associated with chemical based products, too. In many instances, runners who begin using this product will see results quickly and they are lasting results.

Running Supplements

Running supplements should have ingredients and doses that are specifically scientifically proven to offer results. In addition to this, you want to see a dramatic increase in your VO2 Max from the product’s use. You want to see improvements in the oxygen delivery. Also, you also want to see your EPO level rise significantly. For example, EPO Boost boosts your EPO level by as much as 90 percent. That is a significant increase that translates directly into your running abilities, endurance and your overall fitness.

Those who use EPO Boost will see improvements that are measurable in their endurance. In addition, you will see measurable improvements in your performance and in the reduced distance times that you produce. Running supplements should deliver improvements to your abilities and it should do so in a non-harmful way. And, the product should offer a guarantee that there will be an increase your endurance, oxygen delivery and your VO2 Max.

Nuta Olaru

Olaru1“I have been introduced to BRL Sports nutrition a few months ago and I am extremely pleased with my results so far. My last two races where the Boston Marathon (3rd master runner) and the Big Sur International Marathon (1st Place winner overall) in less than two weeks apart. I feel like TriFuel™ and BRL Sports supplements had a great impact on my race and recovery in those events. These products kept me focused and strong during my race, as well as in between my races.

Thank you BRL Sports for making such great and clean supplements.”