TriFuel™ (Formerly EnduraFuel™)
Energy and Recovery Drink
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Product Description

TriFuel™ Energy and Recovery Drink

Official Drink of Triathlon

More Electrolytes, More Branch Chained Amino Acids, More Everything – See for yourself how TriFuel™ can make an immediate difference  in your performance. We guarantee it!



TriFuel™ Energy and Recovery Drink is the First Sports Drink With All Your Energy and Recovery Needs in One Formula

Why spend hundreds of dollars on pre-race, electrolyes, endurance fuels, focus, recovery products?  

TriFuel™ energy and recovery drink is the most advanced and effective endurance supplement you can buy. It has everything your body needs to perform at the highest level. So why use anything else?

TriFuel™ is a great-tasting powder mix that combines premium ingredients including BCAA’s, electrolytes, amino acids, easy to digest carbohydrates, and other ingredients to increase performance and endurance, improve focus, and speed up the recovery process by decreasing muscle damage that occurs with endurance exercise. TriFuel™ beneficial before, during and also after exercise to make sure you perform at your absolute best.

TriFuel™ is currently used by elite athletes for its dramatic effects on endurance, performance, improved focus and recovery time.

  • Provides Long Lasting Energy
  • Builds and Maintains Muscle
  • Replenishs Fluids and Electrolytes
  • Enhanced Mental Concentration and Focus
  • Reduced Muscle Soreness
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Fast Recovery
  • Great Taste
  • No GI Upset, No Gas, No Bloating, No Jitteriness, No Bonking


How It Works

How TriFuel™ Works



 “Surefire Way to Beat Your Personal Record”

  Coming soon!


Learn more about how these ingredients come together to create an energy and recovery drink that can help you beat your personal best. We guarantee it!

A full 6,000 milligrams of BCAAs per serving:
3,000mg L-Leucine
1,500mg L-Isoleucine
1,500mg L-Valine

L-Glutamine and L-Arginine

Dextrose and Maltodextrin

Over 1,200mg of All Five Electrolytes
Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, and Chloride

2,000mg Citrulline Malate
Vitamins C and E


Product Reviews


 Nedenia West EPO-Boost 1/5/13 “Dr. Marcus Shute, introduced me to TriFuel™ and EPO-BOOST as a product that could aid in my training development. I am amazed at the difference I feel by utilizing both products. I have never recovered more quickly nor have I felt stronger. Both EPO Boost and TriFuel™ have improved my recovery time significantly, which is so important in getting through my rigorous work outs. I have also realized better results in practice and competition. I only wish I were exposed to these products sooner!”
collin abbott TriFuel™ 12/15/12 “After using TriFuel™ in gym workouts, long road bike rides, running and roller skiing intervals I can confidently say my mental fatigue has been reduced, my endurance has increased and cramping and soreness have decreased.” -Colin Abbott, Yukon Elite Squad
nick1 11/15/12 “I have tried many endurance products over the years but I haven’t had great results until I tried EPO-Boost and TriFuel™. Being ready to race for up to 12 hours day can be long, with several high intensity heats and finals, both my strength and endurance have been significantly improved. EPO-Boost and TriFuel™ keeps my body ready to race at a moments notice. Hands down the best products out there for racing and training!” Nick Pattyn #198
Michelle Young 1 9/21/12 “I have been using epoboost since I started my triathlon career. I find it extremely effective and with its help I have had many successes in my short time in triathlon and my long career to follow. World Championship 70.3 qualifier, 2011 and 2012 with a top 15 age group finish in 2011. IM 140.6 Arizona, 6th place in my age group and Kona qualifier 2012 which is currently 17 days away. I look forward to the continued gains I will get from epoboost for the rest of my career.” Dr Michelle Young, Canada
marc voit1 7/10/12 “I just wanted to let you know how much I am excited about your products. I raced as a professional triathlete for 13 years with over 33 overall victories and representing Team USA in 2 Pro world championships. There are many dynamic products now on the market but few that really can effect performance and health naturally. I look forward to continue using and seeing the good results and recommending to all of my clients“. Mark Voit
joe barr1 7/1/12 “On June 13th 2012 my birthday, I rocked up to the start line in Oceanside CA. I had been using TriFuel and EPO – BOOST in preperation for RAAM. The difference of these natural products had made to performance and recovery were fantastic. TriFuel™ was fantastic for me and I would recommend it above any other product I have ever used through my racing career.“ Joe Barr
McCluskey_photosm 6/13/12 “As an Elite Competitive Ironman Triathlete, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my training and nutritional needs. Since using EPO Boost and TriFuel™in my training and Racing I have seen substantial improvements in my ability to train harder and race faster at lower percieved exertions than ever before, this helped me win my AG at Ironman Utah by a substantial margin. Thank You EPO Boost and Endura Fuel. Dan McCluskey “Ironman Utah Champion.“ Dan McCluskey, CA
travis beam 6/1/12 “Starting the 2012 season I made several goals to accomplish in my next few years of racing. Doing so, I knew I needed a product to believe in for nutrition and work. After a month of using the EPO Boost and TriFuel™ I started seeing a crazy gain in my threshold during training and my speed/endurance picked up to the next level I wanted! I am a firm believer in this product and cannot wait for more gains as I have huge events I must perform at the remainder of the year.“ Travis Beam, NC
marckx 5/30/12 “I traditionally have a low hematocrit – around 39 – but once I started taking EPO Boost I noticed a gradual increase in my performance which was validated with my annual blood test results. I am not sure if you are aware but after getting the recommendation from John Hatchitt last year, I started using EPO BOOST. He first shared a bottle with me, and then I started buying them on my own online. I believe in the product and even have the blood test results to prove it to anyone (including myself) that all things being equal, once I was on the EPO BOOST program my HCT increased very nicely.“ Michael Marck
philip hearn 5  2/10/12 “My name is Philip Hearn, I am 26 years old, I train full time with this passion I have for mixed martial arts. I have been coaching MMA for 10 years and have been competing for 2-3 years. I have faced many challenges in life but nothing has tested my mental and physical abilities like MMA. EPO boost helps me push the pace for longer and feel so fit when taking them. Also I can run faster times on them I love these and are a main part of my training“ Philip Hurricane Hearn
mccloy epoboost med2  1/20/12 “We used Altitude Rx, Epoboost and TriFuel™ on our climb to Mt Kilimanjaro. We felt like the bionic man. We managed to get to the top wthout any symptoms of AMS not even a slight headache. On day 4 one of our porters started to go down with AMS, I told our head guide to give him a litre of TriFuel™. Half an hour later he looked like a new man, Our head guide was amazed at this so he came to see us as he couldn’t understand why we had not had any headaches and had set such a good pace, we then shown him the products you gave us and we offered him some TriFuel™ for his bottle the next day.“ Glen McCloy, UK
Rick Flynn 1/15/2012 “Congratulations on your recent success!Ricky Flynn, a seven time All-American used EPO-BOOST in his preparation for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. Having finished 12th with a sub-2:14 time, Ricky stated that his performance and endurance were substantially improved with EPO-BOOST. “After using EPO-BOOST for just a few weeks I felt stronger, especially on harder effort and higher intensity runs,” Ricky Flynn.
mtbike 4/11/2012 “I love the results I am getting with EPO Boost. I am a 60 year old Mountain Biker and my buddies and I race every Saturday. We use Strava, an I phone app., which records our times automatically using GPS. I am sitting in the top four on most of the runs since using EPO Boost. My buddies are all a lot younger than me and my results have shifted seriously in the past fortnight its now about 5 weeks since I started. My wife is a fitness trainer and she is using it too, she has more energy too.“ Mark Keith, Hong Kong
11/15/11 “I want to let you know how much I like your product! I purchased your Altitude Rx after seeing an ad in one of my hunting magazines (if I remember correctly). I used it on an elk hunt in Wyoming this October. I spent 2 weeks between 8 and 11000 ft. I experienced only a very mild, dull head ache for the 1st two days. I worked my tail off up there under winter weather conditions packing up to 95 pounds in snow, etc. I felt great!! Over the last 10 years that I have been going to this location, I would experience a severe head ache by the 2nd night at those elevations and also be very lethargic. I would feel very sick, loose sleep do to the pain, and even feel a since of panic. None of these things happened while taking your product!!! I always train hard before these hunts but due to schedules and distances here in Southern California, I just never seem to be able to get up to our local mountains for elevation training ahead of the trips to Wyoming. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have discovered your product!!!“ Thank you.”
chrishoe 9/15/2011 “I am a mountain biker from Texas whose love and passion has been epic stage racing. I’ve been using EPO boost for two months now and can tell you that this is indeed a great product. Training for the conditions of stage racing where you have to race from 4 to 7 days across terrain that may take you from sea level to over 11,000 feet stresses the body to no end. Without the benefit of living at a high altitude, EPO Boost has given me the “high altitude” advantage. I’ve been able to maintain faster recovery times and push myself harder than before in training. Even performing several epic distance rides back to back are more tolerable. I am currently training for Trans Andes 2012 and can see that EPO boost will be a major player.“ Chris Hoe, TX
randymce  9/13/2011 “I’ve been using EPO Boost since May and had recognized some genuine benefits performance wise. Finishing 1st (Olympic Distance ) and 4th (1/2 IM) overall in the two races I competed during my ultra distance swim training preparations. My performance on EPO Boost and TriFuel™ was extraordinary. 16 hours and 26 minutes of swimming in Lake Erie chop resulted in my completing the first ever swim from Long Point, ON to Dobbins Landing Erie, PA. I swam in excess of 30 miles and never once had a single cramp or period of exhaustion whereby I considered stopping. My swim was a success for my charity, the city of Erie PA, personally, and as well for your products.“ Randy Mc Elwain
rickyflynn 7/7/11 “I am a runner looking to qualify for the Olympic trials in the Marathon this coming January as well as in the upcoming Olympic Trials for Track in the Spring/Summer of 2012. After using the product for just a few weeks I noticed that on my runs, I would feel stronger as the run got longer. And especially on harder effort and higher intensity runs, I felt that extra gear after a long hard workout, unlike before where I would start to tire and slow down after a hard effort for an expanded period of time. In addition, during my runs I just feel more relaxed as my breathing is very controlled and as if I have increased my lung capacity. I truly believe this product has helped me tremendously.“ Ricky Flynn
I would recommend this product – Yes
michelle_young 6/25/11 “I have been using EPO Boost for the past year and it has helped propel me from a non-triathlete to making the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas 2011. I have documented improvements in both my biking and running. EPO Boost enables me to go faster and longer in both training and races. EPO Boost is a key component of my training regime and has opened the door to my success. I invite you to try it now and see what it can do for your performance!“ Michelle Young, MD
Scott Rantall1 6/24/11 “Whether it is a placebo or not, it does the job! I used your product for 8 weeks leading up to the Challenge Cairns Half Ironman triathlon and finished 2nd. Thanks for a great product. I’m looking forward to a fantastic season of racing.“ Scott, AU
Mike-Bowers - Copy 5/26/11 “I am a USAT level II coach race director and referee. USA cycling Coach a USAT&F coach and my passion is Triathlon racing. I have been taking EPO-boost for about 4 months I did my first race this year after taking EPO-Boost and set a new personal best at the half iron distance I broke my record set October of 2007. They say after the age of 50 you start to decline, I have raced for 10 years and I am racing faster than I ever have, I know I am training smarter but I feel that EPO-Boost is helping a great deal. Mike, Tx“
5/25/11 “You have a good product! I was an average cat 4 bike racer and went up to cat 2 in less than a year after taking your product and learning how to race and train better.“ Jeff, USA
5/14/11 “Ran my fastest mini marathon after 2 weeks of EPO BOOST“ Mo Gonzalez
STEVEN TANUI 5/12/11 “I won half marathon today(Angie’s half marathon and i broke the record by 33 seconds.) Thanks to Biomedical Research Laboratories LLC for your support. Your supplements really work. It was like a long run. I took 18 OZ of TriFuel™ 30 minutes before the race and i finished feeling strong.The only supplements(EPO-Boost) that have change my running since i started using them 3 months ago. It was my third straight win this season ans my fastest mini marathon after 2 weeks of EPO BOOST.“ Stephen Tanui Kenya
 sean ahmadi1 4/25/11 “As a coach and professional athlete I’m well aware of the importance that certain supplements can have on your training, and of course we all know that the harder you workout the faster you are in your races.There are lot of products out there that come with big promises in gains in VO2max and performance, and although they may be based on some research most times the ingredients are not enough to bring about the promised effect or you need to buy other products from the same company to to enusre success.This is where EPOBOOST is different. They are backed by solid research and intelligent design. The main ingredient is high enough in dose to produce the promised response (again where most other products fail), and then there are other supporting ingredients that will ensure the overall sucess of EPOBOOST.So I tried it for myself, and after a 4 week training cycle using EPOBOOST I have seen an increase of 12% in my FTP at the same heart rate. My heart rate at submaximal effort has dropped by 4 beats (a great sign of increase in aerobic capacity) and heart rate at LT is is almost 5 beats higher. During this time I took daily metric measurements of resting heart rate, blood pressure, weight and heart rate variability, and kept nutrition and sleep very close to same. So Im very confident of about my claim. My goal for this year was to increase my FTP by 5% for the season. Time to adjust goals.“ Sean Ahmadi
Scott Rantall1 3/27/11 “After 1 month using EPO-BOOST, I’ve noticed I’ve been able to train hard during workouts and increase my weekly milage, 100miles while racing is now managable, can’t wait to race my next marathon and smash my personal best of 2:20:37!!!“ Scott Rantall
 STEVEN TANUI 3/26/11 Steven wins 3 in a row! “I won half marathon today and it was my slowest in my running carreer simply because there was nobody to help me push the pace.(Angies half marathon ). I won in 1:11:44 and I broke the record by 33 seconds. Thanks to EPO BOOST and TriFuel™ for your supplements. They really work. It was like a long run. I took 18 OZ of TriFuel™ 30 minutes before the race and i finished feeling strong. The only supplements that have change my running since i started using 3 months ago. It was my third straight win this season. God bless.“ Steven Tanui
anthonywhite 3/1/11 “Good morning! I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to update you on how the season is going. My Pro12 team raced in a big stage race in Texas this weekend. I had some bad luck and was involved in a nasty crash in the stage #1 criterium. I was able to get back on the bike and finish the stage so I could move on in the race. The stage #2 time trial was absolutely brutal with some big climbs. I wasn’t sure how I would do in this TT since it’s early in the season. I’ve been training hard and taking EPO Boost and TriFuel™ daily. I ended up with a Top 10 finish with a 6th overall in the time trial. I’m very excited about this since we have the Fayetteville Stage race in a couple of weeks. We finished the race yesterday and I took 9th overall in the stage #3 road race and also won the sprinter points for the stage. It was definitely a tough race and I believe your products helped out a great deal! I just want to thank you again for your continued support and I look forward to hearing from you soon!“ A White, Tx
sean ahmadi1 2/14/11 “During this month I have been tracking Resting HR, HRV, blood pressure, weight and power gain while using EPOBoost and am impressed with the number of hard workouts I was able to put in and the increase in VO2 at LT and Power. As a coach and professional Mt Biker, I try and stay informed about current research and have noticed that your products do follow the most recent research to help athletes achieve their best.“ Sean Ahmadi
1/25/11 “My health seemed to take a medium dive in the past 7 months and I had to look seriously at what I was eating. Jack LaLannes passing on Sunday, and reading about his fitness book that he wrote and published last year has actually inspired me to refocus a lot on what I eat. I mention this because, though it may seem like something that should be obvious, I learned I could take great products like EPO Boost, but it wouldnt matter if at the same time I had a poor diet and nutrition plan. My energy level, training, health and performance all suffered quite a bit. Hopefully I am on the path to turning that around now. Thanks for your company and your efforts to help peoples performance improve.“ Robert, CA, USA
david panarelli 1/18/2011 “I have enjoyed using your product and have seen some great improvement in all three categories; endurance, strength and my performance. I am an age group triathlon-43 years old. I have a condition called thallasemia, in which my red blood cells carry about 15% less oxygen per cell. I strongly believe EPO-Boost has increased my strength and endurance. Thanks for the help!“ David Panarelli, Utah Triathlete, MMA, Ski Instructor
1/10/2011 “Hiya I’m a first time buyer and you guys rock!!!!! Your delivery service to little old New Zealand is “super quick”!!!! I’m going to load up for a local MTB ride: Check it’s pretty knarly in some sections!!!!! Mark Drew
1/5/2011 “I am very careful not to jump the gun but after using EPO Boost and TriFuel™ for about three weeks I am almost certain that there is a definite improvement in my strengh and endurace. The most noticeable is the fact that I have just returned from holiday at the coast and experienced almost no difficulties in aclimatizing after travelling inland to an altitude change of plus minus 1200 meters.“ Regards Chris Breedt, SA
anthonywhite 1/2/11 “EPO Boost helped me to take my cycling to the next level. My ability to sustain a bigger push during an attack and hold that effort helped me win numerous criteriums and many podium spots this season. I began using EPO Boost half way through my season and I started seeing results quickly. EPO Boost is amazing and it will definitely be in my cabinet for seasons to come!“ Anthony White, Granbury, TX
12/25/10 “I have been winning races easy since I started using EPO-BOOST. KEEP IT UP. MY PR.1:00:34.IN 13.1MILES.“ Marathoner.
craighowie2 11/30/10 “In my 15 years of coaching and racing in triathlon I have tried countless products to improve performance, but EPO boost is by far the best. After only a month of using EPO boost, I began seeing significant improvements in all 3 sports. Specifically, in my test sets I am seeing much faster times for the same perceived effort and heart rate. I am also finding that I can hold my high end race speeds for longer periods of time.“ Craig Howie
john hatchitt2 10/26/10 “I am now sitting 2nd in the SoCal Cyclocross Prestige Series thanks to your products.“ John Hatchitt, CaPools/Dewalt Elite Masters Cycling Team Now on SPY ELITE CYCLING TEAM
tanya_houghton_kona 10/26/10 “After starting the EPO Boost 2 months ago my training took a leap forward. My swim times were down, and I felt a difference in my bike and run as well. I had more energy with less down time and was able to hold a faster pace for a longer period. My recent 8th place age group finish at Ironman World Championships reflects the significant change in my overall endurance, strength and speed the EPO Boost and TriFuel™ has provided me. Great Strides in life demand great support!“ Tanya Houghton, NC
10/2/10 “Love the product, works just as advertised.“ Erich W, Runner NY
andy malcom 10/1/10 “The first thing I noticed about this product is that it lowered my heart rate during workout by 10 to 12 beats per minute. I also feel like while using this product my heart rate would come down very fast in between intense efforts such as in a race or interval training. I continued to race well at the end of the season using this product when usually I just make it through with tired legs. This is a quality product whoch has so far exceeded my expectations.“ Andy Malcom, Cat 1 cyclist, KS
9/5/10 “Before using EPO-Boost I could only make 3x100s free on 1:05. After taking EPO-Boost for two weeks I could make 20x100s on 1:05 with no problem, averaging 58 seconds a hundred, while laughing between each one, and went a 53 on the last one from a push. I felt too fast if that makes any sense? Now endurance has NEVER been in my area of swimming, with EPO-Boost they wanted me to swim distance and I swim breast stroke and IM events. This stuff definitely works and I want to recommend it to all swimmers and athletes if they want to see results fast and increase endurance and performance.“ College Swimmer
Devin Dejean 8/1/10 “Epo-boost has done wonders for my endurance. As a football player we have intense workouts. It has helped me push harder and longer. I also noticed that my heartrate maintains a stable rate and that I can last longer on the field. You have a great product.“ Devin Dejean, Fullback, LA
6/13/10 “EPOBOOST has really helped my endurance and performance. I can train harder and for a longer period of time. I notice a real difference. I will definitely tell my friends about it. Thanks for the fast delivery too!“ Martin Carter, UK
jason4 5/18/10 “I recently ran a 26.2km race completely at my Lactate Turn Point (LTP) without a drop in pace, and with 5 km to go I really turned the screw on my competitors and it increased my pace significantly over the last 5 km. It has really helped with my training as well. This is a product that really works.“ Jason Walkley, Royal Air Force Elite Triathlon Team
ursula Frans 2/10/10 “I am a competitive endurance athlete and was experiencing a challenge with my breathing. I was looking for a supplement that could help me and discovered an amazing product called EPO-BOOST. It said that it could help with your oxygen intake and improve VO2 max capacity. With EPO BOOST I found that my breathing problem disappeared and that I could run faster for longer periods of time. My breathing is regular now due to sufficient oxygen, after almost two weeks of using EPO BOOST. I have already seen an improvement in my endurance and performance. My running times have improved and the product has definitely made me feel that I could continue at the end of the race. My recovery in between speed sessions and races was also quicker. Generally speaking, my speed and endurance was enhanced through this amazing product. I just wish that I had known about EPO-BOOST years ago. I believe with EPO-BOOST that I can reach a much higher performance level.“ Ursula Frans, South Africa
chupa 2/9/10 “I purchased this product for my husband. I have to admit I was a skeptic until recently however. He has been using EPO-BOOST for only a month and it shows through his performance and endurance drastically. No placebo effect… the real thing. Im happy he can train and fight to his full potential. He has a fight in April and Im convinced he will do fantastic. We are very hhappy with it. Thank-You“. Cassandra Chupa
1/4/10 “I am a cross country NCAA runner in Denver. After taking EPOBOOST for a few weeks I noticed I was less fatigued after workouts and training runs and I felt fresh almost every day. I was able to increase my mileage without becoming worn out, which was a key part to my success.“
12/13/09 “After 6 weeks of taking your product, I did an unexpected PB. I doubt that training alone would have done that for me. I felt it gave me a psychological boost as well.“ COOL RUNNER, QLD, AU
11/13/09 “I use this product 4 times a day as it says on the tub. I have been using for 5 weeks. I train 15-18 hours a week and whilst training for my marathon EPO-BOOST has increased my ability to handle the numerous sessions my coach has me doing. Up until now I struggled to complete all of the sessions my coach gave me. Now I am out for a hard run for the 4th day in a row without any problems. Great product.“ Hussler. Staffordshire
10/5/09 “I feel compelled to write a quick note on how EPO Boost helped me rebuild my endurance. I am a recent cancer survivor. I had surgery followed by radiation treatment. Im a very athletic individual who trains 6-7 days a week in martial arts, running and cycling. I struggled to regain my endurance and felt like I had chronic fatigue. I started to research various alternatives and found EPO Boost. About 3 weeks into using EPO Boost my endurance made a significant leap. My cycle times were substantially improved and I felt fresh at the end of the rides. Running was also back on track and my speed and endurance also picked up. This is a great product.“ James T. Frederick, Ph.D., FL
9/20/09 “After watching the Tour de France I decided to get off my duff and see if my bike was still in racing shape. I knew my body wasnt. I was older now andI knew that it was going to be tough to get back in shape. After taking EPO-BOOST my training really started to take off. My endurance levels picked up dramatically and that meant that I could train harder and longer. My recovery time from workout to workout was now much shorter. Recently I have been training with some of my competitors and feel that my body is now very close to a competitive level, in fact I have actually won some of our practice sprints. Thanks to EPO-BOOST I am definitely looking forward to my first race back!“ R Seifert
Norvell Martin - Copy 06/23/09 EPO-BOOST has made me more explosive. I can workout longer with the added endurance. Great product that really works.“ Norvell Martin, Western Connecticut Football



TriFuel™ was developed by a biologist and nutritionist from the University of Pennsylvania to provide an immediate boost to your performance during training and competition. This amazing product is guaranteed to improve endurance and performance, focus and recovery times the first time you use it. Having the right amount of each of ingredients in important to get the results you want from a formula that does it all – pre-race, during the race, and post race recovery.

A full 6,000 milligrams of BCAAs per serving:
3,000mg L-Leucine
1,500mg L-Isoleucine
1,500mg L-Valine

L-Glutamine and L-Arginine

Dextrose and Maltodextrin

Over 1,200mg of All Five Electrolytes
Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, and Chloride

2,000mg Citrulline Malate
Vitamins C and E

Caffeine (low dose)

Supplement Facts - TriFuel


Frequently Asked Questions

I use four different products during an event, just so I know I’ve covered my bases. How can I fit TriFuel™(Formerly EnduraFuel™) into this plan?

TriFuel™ was made with athletes like you in mind. It will meet all your training and racing needs. Using many products wastes money and can be dangerous. You might be taking some nutrients out of proportion, and you don’t know how they interact. Compare the ingredients of your other products with TriFuel™. You’ll see that we give you the right ingredients in the right proportions. Try this experiment. Take TriFuel™ alone and push yourself to the limit when you work out.You will be blown away the first time you try it.

I enjoy running long distances, but speed workouts tire me out!

The ingredients in our Endurance and Recovery Complex will help you perform better during strenuous speed workouts by decreasing lactic acid buildup, which tires you out. You will be able to run longer at a faster pace before fatiguing. Plus electrolytes and carbohydrates have been proven to improve running performance. You’ll notice right away that you can run faster.
I have a race coming up. How long does TriFuel™ take to start working?

TriFuel™ works the first time you use it. You should notice a difference about 15 minutes after ingestion.
I’m too tired to train after work. Will TriFuel™ help?

TriFuel™ increases energy and endurance so you’ll want to work out. Also, the Mental Performance complex will improve your mood and help you focus on your workout.

I’m getting older… If I run longer distances using TriFuel™, how will my legs feel the next day?

TriFuel™ will significantly reduce muscle soreness after intense training or races. It has the proteins that your muscles need to repair and prevent damage. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel the next day – no need to take days off to recover!

Why do I “hit the wall” during races?

This happens to everyone when they run out of fuel – if you don’t eat you stop.TriFuel™ will propel you beyond this point by supplying you with carbs and protein energy – the ideal energy source for long distance.

How long will I have to wait before I can tell if TriFuel™ is working?

You’ll be able to feel TriFuel™ working just minutes after you drink your first serving. TriFuel™ doesn’t just cause a slight improvement… it will help you beat your personal best. We’re so sure you’ll be thrilled with the results that we guarantee our product 100%.

Will TriFuel™ upset my stomach at race pace?

The carbs found in other sports drinks don’t get absorbed from the gut and consequently get converted to gas. This causes GI distress! The carbs in TriFuel™ are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and can be used by muscles without first being processed by your liver. They’re already in a molecular form that your cells can use right away.