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Tyrone Harris

USA Track and Field – Long Jump

  • 2016 RIO Olympic Games Qualifier
  • 2014 Jacksonville UNF Invitational Meet (USA) “4/26/2014”, 3rd
  • 2014 Indoor Naperville Take Notice Youth TC & Elite Invite (USA), 3rd
  • 2013 AAAG Festival Games LJ Champion/Meet Record Holder
  • 2012 USA Olympic Trial qualifier
  • NACAC International Championships 2nd Place
  • USA Indoor National Championships 6th Place
  • Walt Disney Invite Champion 1st Place
  • Algiers Africa Invite 4th Place

How Altitude Boost works for me (Sep 2015)

” I’ve been taking Altitude Boost for about 2 weeks now and I love it!!! I started my official Road to Rio Olympic training (Phase 1) yesterday. I did a 2 mile run. Last year this time, my first 2 mile run was 15:36. Yesterday’s 2 mile run was 14:08. Thanks nearly a whole sec. off! …I notice I didn’t feel as tired in the run at certain meter points. I didn’t feel that Lactic Acid build up that I would normally feel that hinders my ability to push harder. Moreover, when I was done, I recovered quicker…Usually I’m laid out for about good 15 to 20mins after. But I was able to go right into my cool down run! I can truly say that Altitude Boost really works!  I would recommend it to any Athlete!”

How EPO-Boost and TriFuel™ works for me. (User since June 2012)

The Epo Boost and TRIFUEL works great. Especially for the intervals workouts we do. Really feel myself being able to push thru my workouts toward the end just as strong as the beginning. The TriFuel™™ really help me in between while training. Being in sunny Florida where it really gets hot, its very easy to cramp up. So I sip on the TriFuel™ througout the workout to help recover quicker throughout my sets.

APRIL 2014 Update:  I competed in my second competition this weekend(4/26/14) finally in great hot weather (85 degrees). Usually with the weather being so hot, I tend to cramp or muscle fatigue. I used the TRIFUEL throughout the competition and felt a “significant” difference. My muscles felt refresh after every jump and I was able to execute every jump!! Although, fouls hinder my finishing place in the competition, I had great jumps and my body felt recovered after the competition. BIG jumps to come… The season bout to get rolling with TRIFUEL by my side!!!