Zack LaVergne

Cyclist – Dallas RacingCycling Team

Competitive Highlights

June 2013 2nd Place Oklahoma City Pro-Am Classic Men 2/3
June 2013 4th Place Ronde van Burns Criterium Cat 1/2/3/4
May 3013 2nd Place Ronde van Burns CriteriumCat 1/2/3/4
Feb 2013 2nd Place Cross Winds Classic Cat1/2

How EPO-Boost and TriFuel™ works for me (User since January 2013)

I have been competing in endurance sports for over 11 years. Starting with triathlons and evolving into cycling. Needless to say, I have tried many different forms of hydration. I have never encountered anything like TriFuel™. I’ve been on rides intended to be 60 miles that turned into 110 miles and was able to lead the group the whole way fueled only on TriFuel™..