Ripley Davenport, Free DIver, Desert Expeditionist

Ripley Davenport Free Diving

Ripley Davenport FRGS

Explorer | Adventurer | Speaker
Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
Member of The Explorer’s Club
School’s Ambassador for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland (MS Ireland)

How BRL Sports supplements works for me 
“I’ll begin by saying that I’m 43 years old and in no way a triathlete. I have Multiple Sclerosis and previously walked vast distances, self supported, across the arid regions of the world.

I work out habitually and unite this with a lot of arduous outdoors activities. Since being diagnosed with MS I’ve changed my way of life in every way and strive to maintain a sound physical condition. Without a shred of doubt, Epo-Boost and TriFuel has complimented my change of lifestyle and endurance.

I’m not a strong open water adventure swimmer so my elongated swimming sessions really put a strain on my body and before using Trifuel, I found performance and recovery very difficult and extremely tender.

Since using Epoboost and Trifuel, I’ve been astonished how I’ve been able to rapidly recover my energy and retain my stamina even after prolonged periods of open water swimming. The Trifuel endurance and recovery supplement works with my body aiding the replenishing and recovery time. There’s no fatigue and a lot less soreness and I feel fantastic! I recommend the Wild Berry, which mixes up well. I highly recommend TRIFUEL.*

Ripley is best known for his camel assisted and man-hauling expeditions after many years drifting across some of the world’s isolated deserts entirely on foot. During his first attempt to cross the Gobi Desert solo, man hauling a 250kg trailer carrying all his supplies, Ripley first began suffering inexplicable and debilitating symptoms that were finally diagnosed – several months after his return from his 1000-mile journey across
the Gobi in 2011 – as Multiple Sclerosis.
With the support of family, friends and sponsors, Ripley decided that he now faced a greater challenge – to inspire all those thousands of others with Multiple Sclerosis who need a positive message of hope to uplift them in their suffering.In 2014, Ripley steps away from the desert and into the sea for two open water swimming adventures. The first a 30-mile non-stop open water swim followed by an attempt at a 850-mile ultra adventure swim around Ireland.

*Individual Results May Vary

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