How to Prevent Altitude Sickness

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altitude sickness prevention

One of the best ways to prevent altitude sickness is to increase your elevation gradually over a few days. For many travelers on a timeline or traveling by air, this can be a challenge. Other suggestions for preventing altitude or elevation sickness include:

1. Drink plenty of fluids frequently to prevent dehydration (3-4 quarts per day).
2. Limit physical activity during your first few days of altitude exposure
3. Eat small portions of carbohydrates frequently.
4. Avoid tobacco, alcohol and depressant drugs including barbiturates, narcotics, tranquilizers and sleeping pills. These substances cause respiratory depression (the slowing down of breathing), resulting in worsening of the symptoms.
5. If you are skiing you may want to spend more time mid-mountain to allow your body more time to acclimatize.

Altitude RX to the Rescue

In addition to all of the above, taking AltitudeRx the day before you will be at high altitude offers the following benefits:
  • Reduces symptoms so you avoid ending up in the emergency room with altitude sickness
  • Makes you feel as energized and fit as the people who live year-round at altitude
  • Boosts your confidence, since you've taken a natural nutritional supplement that's free of side effects.
  • Prevents you from getting sick and wasting your precious vacation or business-travel time.
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