Tim Skipper RAAM Hall of Fame Ultra Cyclist

Tim Skipper RAAM Hall of Fame Ultra Cyclist

RAAM Hall of Fame. Most records for RAAM.
Sub 6 day RAAM 2001
4 RAAM Records most multi-records for FC508
Tandem records Hoo Doo 500
10 hour Double
8 RAAM finishes, 3 course records and the most different team category victories in RAAM team competition history.

Race Across America (RAAM)
2009 – Team JDRF, 1st Place 8-Tandem Mixed Team, 3,023 miles Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD.
2007 – Team JDRF, 1st place Mixed 4 Person Team, 3,020 miles Oceanside CA., to Atlantic City, NJ.
2006 – Team JDRF, 1st place Four Person Mixed Tandem, course record; 3,020 miles Oceanside, CA to Atlantic City, NJ
2005 – Team JDRF VeloKraft, 2nd Place Recumbent Team, San Diego, CA to Atlantic City, NJ.
2000 – 1st Place HPV (Faired Recumbent trike), Portland, OR to Pensacola, FL.
1997 – Team 2 Mixed Up, 1st Place Mixed Tandem Team, current course record, Irvine, CA to Savannah, GA.
1996 – Team TwoCan, 1st Place Men’s Tandem Team, current course record, Irvine, CA to Savannah, GA.
1995 – Team Belimo Spin, 7th Place finish Men’s Open, Irvine, CA to Savannah, GA.

Furnace Creek 508
2009 – Team JDRF/TwoCan, 1st place four tandem team, course record
2008 – Team JDRF/TwoCan, 1st place mixed two-tandem team
2007 – Team JDRF/Basenji, 1st place mixed two-tandem team
2003 – 1st Place Two Man Team, course record (50+ category)
2002 – Team Poodle,2nd Place 4 Man Team 
Ultra Distance Cycling
2009 – HooDoo 500, Team JDRF. 3rd place men’s team
2008 – HooDoo 500, Team JDRF, 2nd place 50+ men’s team
2004 – Solvang Double Century (200 miles) 10 hours and 1 minute, 9th fastest time
2003 – Grand Tour Triple Century (300 miles) in 19 hours, 2nd fastest time
50 Double Century (200 miles) finishes
60 Century (100 miles) finishes

How BRL Sports Supplements Work for Me

My name is Tim Skipper, I am an ultra-distance cyclist and fortunate to be inducted into the Race Across America (RAAM), Furnace Creek 508, HooDoo and California Hall of fames. Over the last couple of months I have been using two of your products Tri-Fuel and EPO-Boost and have found both to have made a positive difference in my training and race days – I am recovering feeling better, which allows me to push stronger. 

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