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man running in mountains

CBD Basics For Runners

If you’re considering trying CBD, here’s what you need to know about its applications for runners.
Joe Barr in hospital with altitude sickness

Cyclist Joe Barr Triumps Over High Altitude

Joe Barr's tenacity after succumbing to altitude sickness in 2012 led him to become one of only 300 people to ever win the Race Across America.
cyclists racing uphill

CBD and Professional Cycling

Cyclists are using CBD to manage inflammation and improve sleep, which in turn may legally enhance performance.

Sleep Strategies For Better Workouts

Sleep Strategies For Better Workouts

Struggling to get through your workouts? The quality of your sleep may be the cause.


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Hydration Tips For Race Day

Hydration Tips For Race Day

Fluid replenishment is an important aspect of any race day plan. Drink in these tips for staying hydrated.
athlete with American flag and gold medals

Can CBD Cause You to Fail a Drug Test?

Learn how to use CBD products without the risk of failing a drug test.
open water swimmer

CBD For Swimmers

CBD oil supplements can reduce muscle pain and speed up muscle recovery that could impede your performance.
CBD For Sports Recovery

CBD For Sports Recovery

The old adage "no pain, no gain" may be less relevant for athletes who add CBD to their training routines.


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Live healthier in 2021 diet and exercise equipment

Our Best Tips For Increasing Energy in 2021

Shoring up your energy reserves will give your New Year's resolutions a fighting chance to succeed.
Nutrition Mistakes Runners Make

Nutrition Mistakes Runners Make

Improper fueling for a run can stop you dead in your tracks. Do these 5 things to avoid bonking and speed recovery.
fresh beets and beet juice

Can Beet Juice Improve Athletic Performance?

The nitrates present in beet juice may enhance athletic performance and preserve much-needed energy during intense workouts. 
thirsty woman trail runner

5 Nutrition Tips For New Runners

Are you fueling yourself adequately for your newfound exercise routine?

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