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Nieman DC, Williams AS, Shanely RA, Jin F, McAnulty SR, Triplett NT, Austin MD, Henson DA. (2009) Quercetin’s Influence on Exercise Performance and Muscle Mitochondrial Biogenesis. Med Sci Sports Exerc.

PURPOSE: To determine the influence of 2-weeks quercetin (Q) compared to placebo (P) supplementation on exercise performance and skeletal muscle mitochondrial biogenesis in untrained, young adult males (N=26, age 20.2+/-0.4 y, VO2max 46.3+/-1.2 ml.kg.min).

METHODS: Utilizing a randomized, crossover design with a 2-week washout period, subjects provided blood and muscle biopsy samples pre- and post-supplementation periods, and were given 12-minute time trials on 15% graded treadmills following 60-min moderate exercise pre-loads at 60% VO2max.

RESULTS: During the 12-minute trial, the net change in distance achieved was significantly greater during Q (2.9%) compared to P (-1.2%) (29.5+/-11.5 vs. -11.9+/- 16.0 m, respectively, P=0.038). Skeletal muscle mRNA expression tended to increase (range of 16% to 25%) during Q vs. P for SIRT1 (interaction effect, P=0.152), PGC-1alpha (P=0.192), cytochrome C oxidase (P=0.081), and citrate synthase (P=0.166). Muscle mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA, relative copy number per diploid nuclear genome) increased 140+/-154 (4.1%) with Q compared to a -225+/-157 (6.0% decrease) with P (P=0.098).

CONCLUSIONS: In summary, quercetin supplementation for two weeks by untrained males was associated with a significant improvement in 12-minute treadmill time trial performance, and modest increases in the relative copy number of mRNA levels of four genes related to mitochondrial biogenesis.


MacRae HS, Mefferd KM. (2006) Dietary antioxidant supplementation combined with quercetin improves cycling time trial performance. Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2006 Aug;16(4):405-19.

PURPOSE: We investigated whether 6 wk of quercetin would enhance 30 km time trial (TT) cycling performance.

METHODS: Eleven elite male cyclists completed a randomized, double-blind, cross-over study to test the effects of twice daily quercetin and placebo versus a baseline TT (B).

RESULTS: Time to complete the 30 km TT was improved by 3.1% on quercetin compared to B (P < 0.01), and by 2% over the last 5 km (P < 0.05). Average and relative power (% peak power) was higher on quercetin (P < or = 0.01). Thus, quercetin supplementation significantly improved high-intensity cycling TT performance through enhancement of power output.

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