Caroline Colonna, Professional Xterra Triathlete

Caroline Colonna, Professional Xterra Triathlete

Recent Competitive Highlights

2018 Mongolia Bike Challenge, Epic 6-Day Stage Race – 1st place among women in all 6 stages
2018 Moab Rocks 3-Day Stage Race (TransRockies Series) – Won overall 40+ Women's category
2018 Carson City Off-Road (Epic Rides Series) – Finished 27th among pro women both days
2018 Grand Fondos, Taos – 2nd place overall in mid-distance category
2018 La Tierra Torture – Finished 1st in 50-59 age category and 3rd overall for women
2017 Lost Tierra – 2nd Place
2017 Xterra Costa Rica – 5th place female
2016 La Tierra Trail – 1st place
2015 XTERRA USA Championship 9th place – Pro Female
2015 XTERRA East Championship as an amateur – 2nd place overall amateur female

How BRL Supplements Work For Me
(INVIGOR8, TriFuel)

"At the 2018 Mongolia Bike Challenge (MBC), my 16-year-old daughter was ready with my INVIGOR8 at the end of each stage. She had the shake prepared for me on the finish line every day! I attribute my excellent consistent results at the MBC to my recovery with INVIGOR8. I also took TriFuel throughout and feel that those two products were key to my success.

"I have been drinking TriFuel for my hard training sessions and races for the past 10-plus years and still swear by it! TriFuel keeps me going hour after hour when  biking, running and swimming. I feel like I can get in the zone quickly, and for the duration of my training sessions and races, without feeling a drop in concentration.

Caroline Colonna, Professional Xterra Triathlete"I do supplement with gels and high-energy foods on long (over 2 hours) workouts and races to sustain caloric requirements. INVIGOR8 is my go-to for recovery. I love the taste of the chocolate drink! I never forget to drink it after hard sessions and races because it makes me recover faster and it tastes fantastic.

Sometimes I also use INVIGOR8 to keep me going at work if I need a high-energy snack. I also like making smoothies with it, including bananas, almond or peanut butter for increased calories and especially after training sessions. I love INVIGOR8 because it makes me feel good, keeps my hunger at bay and is way healthier than snacking on high-sugar snacks. In fact, I do not have sugar cravings when I drink INVIGOR8 on a regular basis."


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