Joe Barr – Ultra Cyclist World Champion, Coach

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Joe Barr – Ultra Cyclist World Champion, Coach

Joe Barr

Joe Barr has been racing bikes his whole life. He has won over 500 races and in an impressive array of cycling disciplines.  

He is a Commonwealth Games bronze medalist from 1986 and has proudly represented his country at numerous World Championship events throughout the years.

Joe currently holds endurance records in Ireland and is a highly respected and recognized competitor at home and abroad.


How BRL Sports Supplements Work For Me
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“I am very privileged to have the support of a forward-thinking company like BRL Sports. BRL focuses its attention on product formulation and continued R & D to enhance the functionality of its products based on feedback from its ambassadors  who push the limits. This knowledge is then filtered to everyone who chooses to use TriFuel, EPO-Boost, INVIGOR8 and Altitude RX as their choice of nutritional supplementation.

Team Joe Bar testimonialIn 2018, Team Joe Barr covered thousands of training kilometers in preparation for the Race Around Ireland, a 2000+ km nonstop race around the perimeter of the country. Every single training and race kilometer was powered by TriFuel, the perfect 3-in-1 drink that delivers all our carbohydrate, electrolyte and BCAA needs. EPO-Boost, INVIGOR8 and Altitude RX round out our complete program for performance and recovery. 

I have been an ambassador for BRL Sports since 2012, when I was preparing for my first RAAM. BRL Sports product line is the only choice if you want to go the distance! 

"I have found an all-around training and competition nutritional solution in TriFuel,  which all sports people strive for. TriFuel is easy to use on a long-term basis, pre-  and post-efforts. In multi-day events, like RAAM, it never becomes difficult to keep ingesting … no nasty stomach problems, bloating or discomfort.

"The key is to ensure that your intake is adequate per hour of your event based on your personal body mass profile. I measure calorie output per hour based on our event (mph/km) schedule, including exterior temp; this is then balanced with the correct amount of fluid intake per hour based on the individual body mass profile.

"With the TriFuel electrolyte count, having a personal sweat test to establish your individual sweat type and count per litre of fluid loss will allow you to gain the most from the product.

The best supplementation package on the planet today. I will use TriFuel, EPO-Boost, INVIGOR8 and Altitude RX to fuel all of my future events."

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