Mark Swart & Debra Daley, Triathletes

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Mark Swart & Debra Daley, Triathletes

Mark and Debra are locally known as the dynamic duo of the endurance community along Florida’s East Coast. 

Debra is a yoga instructor and sales rep at Fleet Feet sports in Stuart, FL, and Mark — who is also known as “The Sparrow” — is a physical therapist at Florida Orthopaedic Specialists in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Both are looking forward to an exciting racing season as part of a local team that they are building in Florida known as “Treasure Coast United.” This fast-growing team is supported by the Tri-Athletica Sports store in Stuart, FL.

“I use INVIGOR8 every day to start my morning. I use the chocolate flavor in my coffee to make a nutrient-rich great tasting cup of joe to get the day going! After workouts, my go-to is the vanilla INVIGOR8 as the base to a recovery shake or smoothie. The lemon-lime TriFuel is a regular in my bottles, while the wild berry caffeinated is great for the third session of the day, when I need the extra boost. I use these products literally daily to help me perform at high levels and then to recover effectively in order to make progress toward my seasonal goals. I would be lost without BRL." — Mark Swart

“TriFuel in my bike bottle is what I depend on while triathlon training. The BCAAs, carbs and electrolytes are without a doubt the blend of nutrients that have kept me training consistently, especially in the difficult summers in Southern Florida." —Debra Daley

Competitive Highlights

Mark Swart

2018 – 2nd AG “Silver Medalist” USAT Long Course National, Miami FL. 
2018 – 2nd Place AG ( 2019 Nice 70.3 Qualifier) @ 2018 70.3 Steelhead
2018 – Finisher Aaron Vaughn Frogman 5k OW swim
2018 – 1st AG Heartland Olympic Triathlon
2018 – 2nd AG Clermont Olympic Triathlon
2018 – Masters Overall Champion Chasing Caterpillars Triathlon

2017 – 1st AG Captain Hirams River Triathlon

Debra Daley

Masters Female Winner @ Chasing Caterpillars Sprint Tri
2nd AG Winner 70.3 Haines City Ironman
Masters Winner Multi-Race Hutchinson Island Half Ironman
Masters Winner Lions Club Half Marathon, Ft. Pierce
AG Win Get Lucky 1/2 Mar, Chicago
AG Winner Halloween Half, Stuart FL
4th in AG, Steelhead 70.3
5th in AG, Ironman Louisville

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