Michael Coyne, Expedition Mountaineering

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Michael Coyne, Expedition Mountaineering

Competitive Highlights

  • Guinness Book World Record Holder for the highest altitude luge descent. Bolivia
  • First ascent of Mount Hope, Alaska televised nationwide on ABC, a world peace expedition.
  • First person to wakeboard the Amazon River, Brazil-Bolivia.
  • Record holder of the highest altitude ski board descent, Mt. Chacaltaya.
  • Wreck dive of the PLM off the coast of Newfoundland in Iceberg Alley near the Titanic. Mapped new passages in a cave system in Newfoundland,  revealing an underwater river of white water miles below the surface of the Earth.
  • Numerous first rock climbing ascents, naming and documenting the climb for others.
  • After surviving a massive genetic heart failure, Coyne trained each day to raise his ejection fraction from 15 to 45 and has been running 5Ks each month, training for his first triathlon this year and a marathon in Iceland.

How BRL Sports Supplements Work for Me

“With EPO-Boost I recover faster and have more endurance during my workouts. This past year I had massive genetic heart failure, as a lifelong mountain sport athlete I was devastated. I had to stop all supplements while my body adjusted to the new blood pressure medicine. I never felt worse; I had an ejection fraction of 15 and was told I had 5 years to live by my cardiologist. Then my wife and I spoke about quality of life versus quantity and I realized that I needed to get back in the gym and back in the mountains, doing what I love best — regardless of the consequences.

"So I retired from my career as a state police officer and became a full time ‘disadvantaged’ athlete. My doctor approved EPO-Boost, and I began a long road to recovery, which is where I’m still at now. My ejection fraction is almost normal and my doctors are not telling me that I’m going to die anymore.

"In fact, one test revealed that through training alone my arteries leading up to my heart are that of an 18-year-old.

"I leave for an expedition to Iceland this August where I will attempt to set the Guinness Book World Record for the fastest face-first luge sled down Iceland’s highest peak. I have been running 5Ks each month and I’m in training for my first triathlon. Thank you, EPO-Boost, for helping me take my life back and and make my dreams come true.”

The 2013 Icelandic Wild Heart Expedition

Press Release-Expedition Outreach, a charitable organization founded in 1995, will be traveling to Iceland in August 2013 to set the Guinness Book world record for the fastest alpine face-first luge. Team Leader Coyne, who holds the "official" world record for the highest altitude luge run in Bolivia, will now attempt to be the fastest person on Earth using an alpine skeleton-style sled.

The team is a group of environmentally conscious explorers and athletes who educate people about the world peace process and other worthwhile causes by taking the publicity they receive from their extreme sporting and mountaineering adventures, expeditions, races and events and focusing it on education and awareness.

From broadcasting live from the summit of a previously unclimbed peak in Alaska across the nation on ABC television to being the first to wakeboard the Amazon River and mountain bike across Bolivia’s Altiplano, the highest-altitude desert in the world, Team EO captures the attention and imagination of our audience.

A few years ago, team leader Michael Coyne had genetic heart failure in the transition zone of a triathlon equivalent to 2 massive heart attacks a nd had to retire from his career as a Massachusetts state trooper. “As a lifelong athlete I was devastated.” Coyne stated that he is now training full-time for Iceland, determined to come back stronger than ever — inspiring all those who have experienced adversity in their lives.

Iceland is only the first of a series of expeditions that will take Team EO across the globe from Thailand/Bhutan to New Zealand to Costa Rica and Africa. The team will be filming for a documentary project about facing our fears and understanding the nature of our planet and our own hearts.

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